Turn up to vote for local govt leaders

Wednesday January 20 2021
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Incumbent Wakiso District chairperson, Matia Lwanga Bwanika (right) being verified by the election officials before casting his vote at St Jude Namulanda Polling Station on January 20, 2021. Photo/Eve Muganga

By Editor

Following the elections for president and Members of Parliament that were held on January 14, President Museveni was declared the winner of the presidential race. And together with those who were pronounced to be winners who will represent the people of Uganda in the 11th Parliament, they are getting ready to assume their positions for the next five-year term.

In the lead up to the General Elections, there was high tension and excitement, which made it really an election to watch. Many citizens were, therefore, keen to vote and make their voices heard.
In the aftermath of voting for favourite candidates, let us note that there are still other elections running through the rest of January up to February 3.

In fact, the remaining elections might prove even more instrumental as the leaders we elect at the local governments, councils and municipalities have a direct hand in service delivery which impacts our daily lives.

Therefore, we urge all the electorate  not to forget to go and vote for local government leaders of their choice. The functions of these leaders include making by-laws, road maintenance, garbage collection, market administration, and local tax collection, among others. All these activities will hinge on the type of leaders you will elect at the lower levels.

It is important that we educate ourselves on the functions of the leadership at the local government, but also accord the elections starting today, January 20, the importance they deserve. And the best way to do this is turning up in big numbers to vote.

The presidency and Parliament cannot work in isolation. They need the lower levels of government and we need to be keen on the character and capability of the leaders we send to represent us there. Many of these representatives are living in our communities and are more accessible to us than Members of Parliament and president.


While the elections of district local government councils - district/city chairpersons, lord mayor, mayors, and councillors take place today, that of municipality/city division chairpersons and councillors will be held on January 25. Elections of councillors for older persons to the district local government councils will be held on January 27.
Councillors for youth, people with disabilities and elections of sub-county, municipal and division chairpersons will be held subsequently with polls running until February 3.

All Ugandans should take the issue of elections serious so as to ensure that focused and effective leaders take charge of our country.  This is the time for citizens to use the opportunity to elect the right people into positions of leadership.