Post-election reconciliation is crucial

Tuesday January 19 2021
By Guest Writer

In a period of increased political tension caused by dissemination of false information, hatred and hate speeches for political manipulation of citizens to get votes, one sits in fear and wonders what post-General Election period will bring.

The message is worry not for the solution lies in our hands, which is to vote for the right candidate that advocates for peace and unity of Ugandans, development of Uganda, and reconciliation of Ugandans with each other.  The solution is not only voting but also reconciling with one another in a period where tension among voters is rising

Ugandans need to reconcile in order to live in a peaceful and just society where individuals and communities relate well with one another. 

Reconciliation should be the route for a country like ours, which is currently polarised politically.  We must all endeavour to promote a peaceful and just country in order to safeguard sustainable living environment. 

As we went to vote for president and Members of Parliament on Thursday, we should be able to reorient our mindset and outlook to absorb the outcome despite having participated in the opposite side of the political divide. 

We should know that we share a common Uganda and we have the ability to share a common future with all the citizens, including our young generation.


I appeal to the youth not to be selfish and disturb the peace of the elderly and the country at large. We should all live in peace and harmony based on respect for one another - where the youth respect the elderly and vice versa. 

The youth should stop undermining the elderly while the elderly should stop dismissing the youth by referring  to as immature and, therefore, unable to make informed decisions.

The urge for reconciliation will go a long way in helping Ugandans to understand the importance of living in a peaceful environment. Doing so will help us learn to accept the differences of each other and positively learn to solve challenges affecting us. 

Besides, we should move to forgive each other for past injustices others visited upon us. We need to reconcile with each other.  I appeal to the next government to form a reconciliation commission to address the grievances among individuals and communities.

For God and My Country.

Nasasira Michael Bakamaa,