What schools should do to prevent Covid-19

Friday February 26 2021

A Primary Seven pupil has her temperature checked at Kyebambe Model Primary School in Fort Portal City on October 15, 2020. PHOTO/ALEX ASHABA.

By Guest Writer

One of the lies that the Opposition tells the public is about poverty. I have heard many of them say the NRM has made Ugandans poor. But as they say this, they drive on tarmac roads built by  government to go on radios to tell Ugandans that the government has done nothing and made them poor. Unfortunately, some people take them serious.

Indeed, by telling lies, many youth have been misled and when you ask them, they say the NRM is the worst government they have ever seen. President Museveni told us recently that before NRM came to power, there was no government programme for immunising children and that is how many children died in the past regimes.

While still Health minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda pioneered the first programme of immunising children against the six killer diseases, and that is how  Uganda has emerged as one of the countries with the youngest population in the world. Mr Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine,  allegedly bought a bullet-proof car that has since become the talk of town. I have seen especially NUP supporters posing for  pictures with it. The vehicle allegedly cost  millions of money that many people can’t afford. 
But that vehicle is not the only asset Mr Kyagulanyi has.  

The youthful former presidential candidate has many other property. However, even when all that is known, Mr Kyagulanyi continues to the government has made the youth in Uganda poor. He doesn’t tell them how he made the money to become one of the most successful people in the country and in the world.

In some countries, having a lot of money and assets is a threat to government unlike in Uganda. Here, every citizen is allowed to do whatever they want to make money and be rich.

In his recent addresses to the nation,  President Museveni advised the youth to work hard and be rich like Bobi Wine. I think that was the best advise instead of wasting time arguing about Kyagulanyi’s car. 


Sam Orikunda,