Why are my yaka units being deducted?

Saturday April 03 2021

People have raised several concerns about Yaka electricity billing systems.

By Guest Writer

When the yaka  system of loading electricity units was introduced in Uganda a few years ago, most of us rejoiced thinking we would no longer be cheated via estimated bills  and we would even stop risking our lives by tampering with wires in electricity meters in what used to be known as meter bypassing or stealing electricity. Unfortunately, this is not so.  There seem to be a few discrepancies with the yaka system too.  

On Thursday April 1,  I bought yaka units at a pay-way machine near my home in Lubaga, Kampala. I paid Shs10,000 but received only three units.  The receipt given to me indicated  that there was a debt recovery of Shs8, 885 which Umeme deducted. I totally disagree with this because throughout the previous  month I have been buying units on almost a daily basis and all the receipts show zero debt recovery, including the last one dated March 31, 2021. So then where did this new debt come from?  On seeing the latest receipt,  at first I thought it being April 1 Fools Day, maybe  they were playing tricks on me. 

To my shock the payway attendant told me that she had recorded a number of  cases  like mine in the last few days, including Yaka token numbers that failed to  load. I tried to contact Umeme customer care but the numbers were not available. Umeme please explain this debt recovery business. 

Isaac Muwanga ~ imuwanga80@gmail.com