Beating Covid: Herbal concoctions relieved the symptoms

Olga Katushabe who healed from Covid-19 in June. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • In the series ‘Beating Covid,’ we trace victims who caught the virus and overcame it. Philip Wafula shares how  Olga Katushabe, a businesswoman, discovered that she had the virus and how she overcame it.

“My name is Olga Katushabe, a 36-year-old businesswoman. On June 6, I developed Covid-19 symptoms; fever, body weakness/fatigue and loss of taste and smell. 

A few days later, I decided to visit a pharmacy and got anti-malarial drugs. But after two days, I became weaker and decided to visit AAR Kabalagala branch for some tests, which revealed that I had low white blood cells and was anaemic.

A day after, my senses of smell and taste were totally gone and I developed a severe headache. 
I was reluctant to take the test because I didn’t want to be affected by the shock. I eventually decided to take one PCR (quick test) at home. 

A friend asked a health worker to come home and take a swab of my mucous membrane. Though painful, within less than a minute, the test was done and I got my results after about 15 minutes, which were positive. 
I wasn’t surprised by the results because I had all the symptoms of Covid-19.
I can’t really tell from where I contracted the disease, but I am a regular in town, so, it must have come from there.

Going herbal
I am on a WhatsApp group with the CEO of Hamptons Herbal (Ms Brenda Malaba) and read people sharing their testimonies of using her herbal mixture for Covid-related symptoms and getting relieved. 

I called her up, got the mixture and started on treatment. It cost me Shs100,000 for 75mls and my dosage was for five days as prescribed while I was in isolation. 

I stayed home with my mother but quarantined from my room.

During this period, I also took some paracetamol for the headache and lots of fluids. I also did some steaming with Axe brand universal oil three times a day. After taking the Hamptons Herbal mixture, I felt much better and my taste and smell returned. I, however, decided to take some avermectin for five days and azithromycin for three days, although I was already feeling much better. 

My doctor prescribed them just in case, but even before that, I was already doing well.

Tough moments
The toughest moments while I was in isolation, was not being able to have my loved ones around me. The only support I got was from my immediate family, especially my mother who very cautiously looked after me. 
I had very bad palpitations, so getting close to a hospital would only worsen my condition, so I stayed home in isolation.

Another problem was that when my neighbours got to know about my condition, they didn’t want to associate with me. They would lock themselves in their houses each time I came out for fresh air.

Above all, I have realised that prayer, prayer and more prayer is what takes one out of this situation. Yes, the medication works, but God sustains and preserves us. It took me about three weeks to completely feel well.
My general life lesson is that life is so precious, so there is a need to live it well and in all things, fully and completely rely on God.

My advice to those who have not got it is to take extra care and to those who have and are currently battling it, I say hang in there and trust God for healing and restoration.

Common symptoms of covid
According to Ministry of Health, the commonest symptoms of Covid-19 range from fever, dry cough, tiredness to flu, aches and pains, sore throat, headache, loss of taste or smell, difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath and chest pain.