Father clashes with daughter over eyeing his political seat

Ms Reginah Nakiweewa (left) says her father, Godfrey Kimera (right), who is a Democratic Party member, promised to serve for only two terms when he was elected in 2011. PHOTO|COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Mr Ssekandi said he will not bow out of the race.

As the 2021 election fever rises, a town council chairperson in Kyotera District has disowned his daughter for expressing interest to run against him in next year’s election.
Mr Godfrey Kimera, the chairperson of Kasaali Town Council, describes Reginah Nakiweewa’s decision as an act of disrespect.

He said she could have vied for any other post and not the one he currently holds.
Mr Kimera has since disowned his daughter.
“I have on several occasions asked her [Nakiweewa] to step down, but she has refused. I can’t tolerate such a daughter who shows no respect for elders. Let her look for another father,” he said.

Ms Nakiweewa says her father, who is a Democratic Party (DP) member, promised to serve for only two terms when he was elected chairperson in 2011. At that time, Kasaali was still a sub-county, but was eevated to a town council in July 2017 after Kyotera became a district.
“When I was still a child, my father used to tell us that we were the future leaders. I’m now mature and I am ready to take on the mantle from him,” Ms Nakiweewa said during an interview on Wednesday.

“He [Kimera] is also the one who always says that Mr Museveni has ruled for long. Does he also want to take the same direction?” she asked.
The 30-year-old said she is not intimidated by the threats from her father.
Ms Nakiweewa intends to stand on the Justice Forum (JEEMA) ticket in next year’s elections.
“I have no personal vendetta against Mr Kimera. He will always be my father. My plan is to unseat that person who has failed to fulfill his promise,” she said.

Another scenario

In a related incident, Mr Paul Ssekandi, a freelance media correspondent in Lyatonde District, has also fallen out with his uncle, Mr Elia Ssewandigi, after he expressed interest to stand against him in the forthcoming elections.
“I bought a male dog early this month and I named it Paul... I was the first to express interest in that position [of chairmanship] and I will defeat him,” Mr Ssewandigi said. Mr Ssewandigi, the former Lyantonde Town Council chairperson between 1996 and 2016, will face off with Ssekandi and the incumbent Mustapha Kalule. Mr Ssekandi said he will not bow out of the race.

“Mzee Ssewandigi served the town council during his days. Let him give me a chance as a youth to do my part,” he said.
The three aspirants are currently competing for the ruling National Resistance Movement party ticket before tussling it out in the general elections.


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