Five more days on roadmap to end of 2021 elections

A man cast his vote at a polling station in Kampala on January 14, 2021. PHOTO/FILE

Uganda has five more scheduled elections in the 2021 roadmap. 
The country has gone through a series of voting since the beginning of January, with some positions witnessing lower voter turnout after the parliamentary and presidential elections on January 14. 

But according to the Electoral Commission (EC) election roadmap, voting for especially representatives at lower local governments, is scheduled until February 3. 
The EC roadmap for elections indicates that the 2021 electoral process began on June 22, 2020, with the identification of party flag bearers. Five more days are still allocated for election of special interest groups. 
Mr Paul Bukenya, the acting EC spokesperson, said yesterday that they are ready to conduct the electoral process to the end. 

“The elections tomorrow (today) are by Electoral College and they are already mobilised. Generally, with special interest groups, we have not had a challenge. There is participation because they are already in organised groups,” Mr Bukenya told Daily Monitor yesterday. 
Meanwhile, the LC1s and LC2s are not part of the current electoral roadmap because they belong to another election cycle. 

Mr Bukenya said because the LC1s and LC2s belong to the administrative elections roadmap, they were not included and theirs will come at a later time. 
He was not specific when they will be elected. The LC1 leaders were elected about three years ago on July 10, 2018 throughout Uganda, which was declared a public holiday to allow voters the opportunity to express themselves. This was after 17 years of not holding the elections. 

The 2021 General Election began on January 11 with the election of councillors for Older Persons to the Sub County/Town/Municipal Division, councillors for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to the Sub County/Town/Municipal Division and Youth Representatives to the Sub County/Town/Municipal Division. 
The last vote will be cast at 4pm on Wednesday February 3 as voters elect Sub-county/Town/Municipal Division chairpersons and councillors. 
Election roadmap
January 27
Councillors for PWDs to the district
Councillors for youths to district
Workers representatives to district
January 29
UPDF representatives to Parliament.
January 31–February 1
Youth representatives to Parliament
February 3
Sub-county/town/municipal leaders