Know Your District: The movers and shakers of Tororo District

Prof. Joe Oloka Onyango, a law professor at Makerere University, hails from Tororo District.

What you need to know:

In a new series running on Mondays and Thursdays, Daily Monitor profiles Uganda's districts, unearthing their unique facts while showcasing their social and economic potential. Also profiled are the men and women running the districts in all spheres.

Bishop Emeritus Nicodemus Okille
He is a former Church of Uganda bishop of Bukedi Diocese. He served in that position for 28 years. The cleric is known for preaching unity among his flock.

Prof. Joe Oloka Onyango , law don
He teachers law at Makerere University. He is a human rights activist, a thing which has endeared him to many.

Ambassador Paul Orono Etiang
He was Uganda’s ambassador to Ethiopia and also served as minister of Transport in Amin’s era. Etiang was also minister of Information in Museveni’s regime. He was Tororo County MP until 2006.

Fr Kiwanuka Lote
He is the Catholic Archbishop of Tororo Diocese. He is popular for being a ‘man of the people’.

Okoth Ochola, police officer
Martin Okoth Ochola is the Deputy Inspector General of Police. Before being named Kayihura’s deputy, Ochola, a lawyer by profession, was the police disciplinarian. He was also the CID director.

Charles Onyango-Obbo, media guru
He is an author, journalist, and former Managing Editor of The Monitor. He is currently Executive Editor for the Africa and Digital Media Division with Nation Media Group, Nairobi, Kenya.

Ofwono Opondo, Media Centre boss
He is the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre. Prior to the appointment, the man from Mulanda was the deputy spokesperson of the ruling NRM party.

Dr Tanga Odoi, Makerere lecturer
He is a history lecturer at Makerere University and former chairman of the Makerere University Academic Staff Association.

Sam Owori, former MD UCB
He was the managing director of Uganda Commercial Bank until the early 2000s. He is now the chief executive officer, Institute of Corporate governance.

Bernard Onyango, educationist
He is a former academic registrar of Makerere University until the late 1990s. He is popular as one of the longest serving academic registrars of the 90-year-old institution.

William Oketcho, former MP
He is a former MP for West Budama North until 2011. He was appointed board chairman National Water and Sewerage Corporation, but he has since been removed.

Imran Muluga, businessman
The proprietor of Tororo Progressive Academy is now the Resident District Commissioner of Busia.

Radius Okama (Businessman)
Mr Okama is a prominent businessman. He owns a number of properties in Tororo Municipality as well as in Malaba Town Council.

Steven Mudidi, educationist
Mr Mudidi is the former head teacher of St. Peters College, Tororo. The retired educationist is reknown for his enthusiasm in matters to do with learning.

Hussein Shire, Gateway buses
He is a businessman who dominated the transport industry in across the country and neighbouring areas for most of the 1990s.

Oloka Apila, businessman
He is a Kampala-based business personality and proprietor of Leads insurance. His businesses have also expanded to his home district.

David Okolong Ochieng, businessman
He is also prominent Tororo-based business personality and proprietor of a chain of businesses.

Paul Sande Emolot, former mayor
Tororo Municipality benefited from his services during his tenure as mayor. He is also a prominent businessman.

Osindek Wangori, politician
He is a former Chief Whip of Uganda Peoples Congress party in Parliament in the Obote II government. He went to exile after Obote ouster, but returned recently.

John Okumu, former statistician UCB
Mr Okumu who worked with Uganda Commercial Bank and Stanbic Bank until 2008. He now heads a private business.

Difas Yoga, educationist
Mr Yoga is the former head teacher of Manjasi and Nabumali High School. After leaving his teaching job, Mr Yoga retired to farming.

Mitesh Dorshi, businessman
He is the proprietor of Novo Group, a business chain that employs hundreds of residents.

Tezira Jamwa, former MP
She is a former lawmaker of West Budama North until 2006. Earlier, she worked as Resident District Commissioner in Kapchorwa District

Osuna Otwani, businessman
He has developed his business clout in Tororo Municipality, Mbale, Malaba, Kampala and parts of Western Kenya. Mr Otwani deals in wide range of businesses.

District's Technical Wing:
Dr David Okumu
Dr Okumu is the District Health Officer.

Yona Kamusi Doya
This is the District Education Officer.

Robert Katiramu
Mr Katiramu is the District Police Commander.

Robert Okello
He is the man in charge of engineering in the district.

William Mulapye
Mr Mulapye is the district planner; the man in charge of population.

Tom Ochar
This man is the medical superintendent.

Those Running Schools:
Hellen Wataba
Ms Wataba is the head teacher of Tororo Girls School.

Jospeh Okolojo
He is the man in charge of St. Peters College, Tororo.

Abraham Kayondo
Mr Kayondo is the head teacher of Manjasi High School.

Johnson Walimbwa
He is the steward of Rock High School.