Decision on domestic fans delayed

Thursday April 22 2021

Hosts. Japanese fans. PHOTO/AFP

By Agencies

Adecision on limits for domestic spectators for the Tokyo Olympics may not be made until June, a month before the scheduled start of the games, the Mainichi newspaper reported on Tuesday. A decision that foreign spectators would not be allowed was made in March, and a decision on the number of domestic spectators to be allowed had been widely expected in April. Games could happen in empty stadiums.

The games were put off for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic which is surging again in Japan.
Organisers said; “it was agreed that a general decision on spectator capacity in venues will be made in April, with the understanding that COVID-19 circumstances may necessitate a flexible approach.”

The statement said organisers were still discussing the matter with the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee.
Already, organised ruled against international fans. Japanese authorities told the Olympic and Paralympic committees it was “highly unlikely” that entry to the country could be guaranteed.

Organisers said the move now gives “clarity” to ticket holders and helps ensure “a safe and secure Games for all participants and the Japanese public”.
Organisers said the “challenging” Covid-19 situation in Japan and many other countries and global travel restrictions had made it hard for many.