New UCA board promises good governance

Nuwagaba had his mandate as cricket boss extended to 2025. PHOTO/EDDIE CHICCO 

What you need to know:

Like the past three predecessors Dr. Kato Sebbaale, Richard Mwami and Bashir Ansasiira, Nuwagaba will serve a complete four-year term and hand over office in 2025. 

Unlike basketball’s, the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) elective general assembly didn’t capture much attention. 

By 2pm at Kati Kati Restaurant in Lugogo on Saturday, it was already clear that Michael Nuwagaba had secured his second two-year term at the helm of UCA. 

The incumbent’s route was clear by Thursday evening when former UCA treasurer Premal Yagnick’s disjointed yet veiled bid withered just like the sun at dusk. 

Daily Monitor understands a series of phone calls were made between Yagnick and some top cricket officials, the former then writing an email to UCA CEO Alan Mugume on Friday indicating that he had pulled out of the race. 

Like the past three predecessors Dr. Kato Sebbaale, Richard Mwami and Bashir Ansasiira, Nuwagaba will serve a complete four-year term and hand over office in 2025. 

“I think we’ll maintain the same speed on some of the things,” he said after lowly attended AGM on Saturday evening. 

“As you develop cricket, you need to showcase cricket. So we’ll have a lot of focus on the national teams as we push for higher ranking and close to ODI (One Day International) status,” he said. 

“The other one that is coming out now is the issue of facilities. We’ve grown the money for land and this is something that is key for us. Pathways to give you more players.”

Centenary Bank’s Nuwagaba’s return to the top seat surely had a weak challenge. This paper further understands that while Yagnick of Premier, one of the eight-member voting clubs, had been nominated by Kampala Institute of Cricket Clubs (KICC), he actually wasn’t interested in the top job. 

Furthermore, there was no vote anticipated across the two elective roles, the other being for the general secretary. 

Former Cricket Cranes’ manager Jackson Kavuma won a two-year term unopposed for that role, inevitably replacing Alvin Bagaya. 

Bagaya however kept his place on the board as a member, still representing Nile club. Kavuma’s rise meant he replaced Paul Kaheru on the Africa Cricket Club (ACC) representative ticket. 

“I thank the full member clubs that have entrusted me with the power of running the association,” said Kavuma, the man who managed Team Uganda over two spells from 2013-2014 and 2017-2022.

“Our main stand is governance which we need to focus on. Governance is going to be our priority to ensure that UCA known as one of the best-led associations in Uganda and we hope that with the support of all the members, Uganda’s cricket will be moving to higher heights,” he added.

Meanwhile, Rita Tinka kept her place on the UCA Board as a women’s representative while Yagnick replaced Nehal Bibodi for Premier’s seat.

The same happened as former batsman Benjamin Musoke took over from Fred Lutaaya as Tornado’s representative on the Board. 

Similarly, former Cricket Cranes’ opening bowler Charles Waiswa is Jinja Association of Cricket Clubs (JACC) representative, replacing Arthur Mbalule. 

Jeremy Kibuukamusoke stayed for Tornado Bees while Parminder Moni has been replaced by Ketan Shukla for the KICC seat. 

For the UCA Trusteeship, Paraminder Garcha and Enock Barumba were also elected as the new trustees in place of Steven Luswata and Ranmal Keshwala. The new duo joins Steve Lumonya.


Chairman: Michael Nuwagaba (Wanderers)
Secretary: Jackson Kavuma (ACC)
Women’s Representative: Ritah Tinka (Pioneer)
Benjamin Musoke (Tornado)
Jeremy Kibukamusoke (Tornado Bees)
Premal Yagnick (Premier)
Ketan Shukla (KICC)
Alvin Bagaya (Nile)
Charles Waiswa (JACC)
UCA Trustees: Steven Lumonya, Parminder Garcha, Enock Barumba 


2021-2025: Michael Nuwagaba
2017-2021: Bashir Ansasiira
2012-2017: Richard Mwami
2008-2012: Dr. Kato Sebbaale
2007: William Kibuukamusoke