Lim Lim wins Mbale Golf Cup

Wednesday April 07 2021
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Dr Lim Lim (in yellow t-shirt 0receiving his award from the acting treasurer of Mbale sports club Mr Uthuman Mugoya. Photo/ Yahudu Kitunzi

By Yahudu Kitunzi

Mbale Golf Union board member, Dr Lim Lim took the honours at Mbale Golf Cup that climaxed on Monday.
Sharon Kawanyi, took the ladies crown and Uthman Mugoya won in the men’s category as the one-day tournament climaxed on Sunday at the Mbale Golf Club.

Lim Lim carded 72 to win the overall tournament after nine holes. “I was just excited to win my game. I thank God for this,” Lim Lim said while receiving his prizes.
Over 61 golfers from various clubs in Uganda participated in the tournament.  Mugoya, also the Mbale Golf Union Treasurer, called on corporate companies and sports lovers to join the Golf Club.

“Some people have encroached on the club land but we are engaging them to make sure they leave the land in peace without pulling ropes,” MUgoya said.
“We also have a problem with the neighbouring community who graze their animals in the golf land. This affects the green belt.”
Mugoya is also aspiring to become the president of Mbale Sports Club at a time when the golf club faces challenges of encroachment.

“We also don’t have permanent sponsors to organize such games. We volunteer ourselves and we pull our money to organize any events which is costly, “he said.
Mbale Golf Union is the only surviving golf club with a big belt in the country.  They have also introduced a program of nurturing children between the ages of 7-13 years.
“We want to nurture their talents so that when we leave, they will take over. We want them to know and love golf,” he said.

Paul Okuiring, the Mbale Golf Club Captain, said there is a problem of misinformation in the Golf Club.
“The announcement for any event should be done by Uganda Golf Union to avoid colliding while organizing such events. We need to have unity within us,” Okiring said.
Barbra Kwaga, the acting president of Mbale Sports Club, thanked all golfers who managed to come and participate in the tournament.



Net Winner:     Dr Lim Lim 72
Sharon Kawanyi         75
Juliana Nampewo         86
Men Group C
Mugoya Uthman         76
Duncan Emegu         76
Group B
George Magombe         79
Emmnaule Wamimbi     77
Group A
Daniel Ochieng         83
Collins Bulaffu         83
Seniors Winner
Paul Okiring         76