Jets hold onto lead as swimmers break for national trials

Promising. Chiara Kyaligonza is one of Altona's shining lights in the breaststroke events and will look to improve further in this one month leading to the National Championships. PHOTO/EDDIE CHICCO

What you need to know:

Most of their points were collected in the first three matches.

Jets are still at the top of the Pursuit Swim League with just over a third of the 18 matches of the fourth edition completed.

The leaders have just about managed to keep a point lead ahead of record winners Talons and two ahead of defending champions Colts despite a dismal show in matches six and seven, held last Friday at British School of Kampala (BSK) Muyenga.

Most of their points were collected in the first three matches. Last Friday, they collected 260 scores from 14 events – as did Flames but the two sides went for a 5x25m freestyle relay to determine who would go home with the two points meant for the fourth-placed finisher on the night and Jets won convincingly.

Colts on song

Colts, who won the third night on the row, have been dominant in the relays. And this time, the organisers broke down the relays from 10-man events to two five-man relays to try and even out the sides.

Each team had to split their swimmers into two groups of five without any restrictions on age and speed but Colts still won three of eight relays and finished second in three as they amassed 410 scores on the night.

Astros, who finished second on the night with 330 scores but still languish at the bottom with 15 points from seven matches, won two relays and finished third in four. Talons also won two but were also disqualified in the first 5x25m backstroke relay. That stopped them from pushing Astros for second place.


The night run by Altona Swim Club was a good warm up for their upcoming June 1 National Club Championships qualifiers. It had the swimmers pushing for time in their best strokes over 50m while they also pushed for time in the 100m breaststroke – a stroke the club is strategically trying to do better at in major competitions.

The National Club Championships that are run by Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) are due on June 28-30 and Altona are looking at taking a team that will compete for top points and medals in the various age categories.

Overall Standings

Jets – 24

Talons – 23

Colts – 22

Flames – 17

Astros – 15

Match Seven Scores

Colts – 410; worth five points

Astros – 330; worth four points

Talons – 290; worth three points

Flames, Jets – 260

*Jets win swim off to take two points