Starlings give young swimmers a chance

Catch them young. Starlings organised a gala for the young swimmers that hardly get selected for other major events throughout the year and it also had kickboard races. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

In Uganda the age groups for main events are 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 plus 17 and over.

Competitive swimming is mostly dominated by minors but even then children under the age of 10 hardly get enough competition time.

In Uganda the age groups for main events are 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 plus 17 and over.

However, the wider base of the 10 and under also means it is mostly a lenient 9-10 age group. It is from this background that Starlings Swim Club, also a young club that started in March 2022, organized their own Starlings Juvenile Gala on March 24 at Muhika Skilling Centre, Kira.

Dolphins dominated the event by accumulating a combined 2,006.5 points from their boys and girls while Aquatic Academy (1219)  and Gators (1006) joined them on the podium of the competition that had races for swimmers aged 6 and under, seven, eight, nine and 10 years plus the 11-12 years age group.

 “This event was aimed at having swimmers get to swim against their own age mates, and offer a chance to young swimmers who lack events (competition) within the year to showcase their talents,” Starlings coach Mubarak Ssemanda said after the event that attracted 326 swimmers from 20 clubs.

“We also extended a chance to those age group swimmers who do not qualify for most events within the year,” he added.


How They Finished

Dolphins – 2006.5  

Aquatic Academy – 1219

Gators – 1006  

Starlings – 704

Ozpreys – 699  

Hertz – 567

Silverfin Academy – 457  

Torpedoes – 388

Asabiza – 371.5

Sailfish – 292.5

Flash – 235  

Jaguar – 186.5

Friends of Water – 110  

Star Fish – 80

Shekinah International School – 67

Lions Swim Club – 63

Individuals – 41  

The Great White Sharks – 36

Baseline – 24  

Our Saviour – 17