Why Starburst is a popular casino slot

Starburst is a Netent game that was released on January 22nd of 2012. The game became popular immediately. Eight years later, the game has not declined in popularity. Starburst is a slot game with 10 fixed pay lines, five reels and a mechanic enabling the player to win both ways. The player can hit a winning combination either from right to left or left to right. The majority of the slot games available online only payout from left to right.

Starburst also offers a special wild symbol. This can appear on all three of the middle reels. When this happens, the symbol expands until the entire reel is filled. This provides the player with a maximum of three re-spins. When the player has the same wild symbol appearing across three reels simultaneously, they can win a substantial amount of money. The graphics are attractive and flashy with 80s disco music. This makes Starburst a lot of fun to play.

The stunning graphics draw in a wide variety of players. The dazzling, jewel-like symbols are appealing to both men and women due to the timeless feel. The belief is one of the main reasons Starburst became so popular is the simplicity of the game. Both experienced and new slot players appreciate the straightforward gameplay. The only bonus feature the game offers is the wild feature including the re-spins. Starburst also has only 10 pay lines.

Players on a budget can enjoy the game for just 10p (about Shs480) for each spin. This still offers them regular payouts. High rollers are attracted to Starburst because they can bet a maximum of €100 (about Shs400,000) for each spin. This gives them the opportunity to win a maximum of the €50,000 (about Shs203m) offered by the game. The reason Starburst is still so popular is a combination of the win potential, accessibility and the simplicity. Since the volatility of the game is low to medium, the payouts are frequent.

This means the small wins occur often enough to provide the players with the incentive to keep spinning the reels. There are difficulties in trying to trigger bonus games or features that generally require a lot of spins before they can be activated. In most games, the player will not win during the majority of these spins. These features are another reason Starburst became so popular with players all over the world from the moment it was released.

Starburst and the casinos

Another reason for the continued popularity of the game are the casinos. Starburst is prominently featured which further enhanced the reputation of the game. Most of the players feel safe playing a classic game so they recommend it to their family and friends despite the 3.9 per cent house edge. Starburst can be found at almost every online casino. Some of the players enjoy the game just for fun while others make a deposit so they can try to win real money.

Due to the popularity of the game, there are many online casinos attracting new players by offering free spins on this particular slot game. There are even casinos providing no deposit offers with free spins on Starburst. All the player has to do is register and create an account. They receive free spins without even having to make a deposit.

The free spins provide the players with the opportunity to win real money just by playing Starburst. In certain instances, the winnings can be withdrawn without a wagering requirement. Other online casinos place a 25x wagering requirement on the free spins.

The way Starburst works

Starburst is a classic video slot with three rows and five reels. The player has the option of placing the maximum €100 bet for each spin or only wagering a minimum of 10 cents. The player can adjust the cost of each spin according to the coin value they desire. The game does not offer any advanced or fancy features including the bonus features and free spins provided by the majority of online slots. This makes Starburst easy to play and simple to understand. This may be another reason for its popularity.

Its features

Starburst offers free re-spins and starburst wilds. The player attempts to hit the 7 and Bar symbols on the screen. The best scenario is when there are as many of these symbols as possible appearing on the screen. The shiny gemstones are the lowest paying symbols in the game. This being said, certain winning combinations of the gemstones offer a fairly decent win. The maximum amount the player can win is 50,000 coins. When the player bets the maximum of €100, they can win as much as €50,000.

Winning the maximum amount does require a lot of luck. This only occurs when the entire screen is covered with bar symbols. This can be without or with the use of the Starburst Wilds. When Starburst is being played, the player must have three matching symbols appearing from left to right in order to win. The difference is if the symbols appear from the other side, the player still wins. The ability to win from right to left is considered unusual among casino slots.

The game offers the Starburst Wilds feature as opposed to the traditional bonus mode and free spins. This feature is easy to understand. Every time the Starburst symbol shows up on the second, third or fourth reel, the entire wheel is covered. This means every symbol on the reel transforms into wilds. When the Starburst Wild feature is activated, the player wins free re-spins at the same time. This means every time the player activates the Starburst wild on their screen, they are rewarded with a free re-spin.

The Starburst wilds do not disappear from the screen. They remain in the same place they originally appeared. If an additional Starburst symbol appears on one of the remaining reels, the player wins an additional free re-spin. While the re-spins feature is active, the player can potentially win three re-spins.

The reasons for the popularity of Starburst

There is no definitive answer as to why some games become so much more popular than others or become amazing hits. Due to the popularity of the game, many players are wondering why there have never been any copies of Starburst appearing. The answer is although some companies have tried, they have failed. In the end, there is only one Starburst.

Netent is the gaming provider responsible for creating Starburst. Despite the incredible success, they have never released a sequel. Perhaps certain games were meant to remain untouched.

Online casinos frequently offer players free Starburst spins with a value of ten cents per spin. When this is added to the low to medium variance, Starburst becomes the ideal choice for the players and the casinos. There is no guarantee Starburst will provide the players with more payouts than the other games. The game does pay small winnings more frequently than the majority of the other slot games.