Thursday May 22 2014

Shell FuelSave: Questions and Answers

This mobile laboratory vehicle was launched recently in a move

This mobile laboratory vehicle was launched recently in a move to ensure that all Shell filling stations have quality fuel. Unannounced checks will be carried out countrywide. 

Can you explain how hard braking will increase my fuel consumption even when I am using Shell Fuel Save unleaded and diesel?

Braking hard is when you stop the car suddenly and violently. Sometimes, this action is unavoidable and necessary during emergencies or in order to avoid accidents.
However, during normal driving some motorists have the habit of always braking hard and accelerating thereafter.

Braking hard does not directly affect fuel economy but it wastes energy which comes from the engine or gravity of the car.
Frequent hard braking causes loss of momentum or the strength of force that your car has when it is moving. This will slow down the car and require that you have to recover that speed by accelerating. This is when your car’s fuel consumption increases.
This will also reduce the economy benefit of Shell fuel save unleaded or diesel.
To avoid this problem you need to conserve momentum by keeping your distance to allow early slowing down without abruptly braking to a halt. This will allow you to accelerate gently to recover the minimal lost momentum.