Wednesday February 24 2016

Rabbit farmers to hold meeting, training

Rabbits at a farm in Kabale. PHOTO BY ROBERT

Rabbits at a farm in Kabale. PHOTO BY ROBERT MUHEREZA 

By Christine Katende

Have you heard about rabbit farming? Are you interested in starting or you are already a rabbit farmer?
If you fall in either of these categories, the Uganda Rabbit Farmers’ Association (URFA) have organised a meeting and training for stakeholders in the rabbitry sector. It is scheduled for March 26, in Kiwenda, Wakiso District.

Main objective
The main aim is to share ideas about the best techniques of making rabbitry a profitable business.
Mark Ochieng, the managing director, Agrosol Ltd, who is hosting the event at his farm, says the focus will be on creating awareness about rabbit farming, bring more farmers on board so as to increase the required volumes for business as well as meet the customers’ needs.
The meeting will also avail a platform to generate more clients for the rabbit meat and other products.
Each participant will pay a fee of Shs30,000 for the full-day meeting, which will also involve discussions on several topics.

These include the use of hydroponics units, production of pellets (rabbit food), best practices in feeding and nutrition, methods of slaughter and skin preservation.
The participants will also learn about the various breeds which include; Flemish Giants, Palomino, Chincilla, among other types, that are best for meat production.
Jessica Nantale, the chairperson URFA, adds that during the meeting that invited experts will share information on the benefits of rabbit meat, the future of rabbit farming as a business and how it can be expanded to various parts of the country.

Share experiences
“But this event is not only for experts but everybody that is interested and wants to learn about rabbit farming as a business. More still, nyama choma (roast meat) from rabbits will be served to participants so that they can get a taste,” she says.
There will also be a representative from the Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya (Rabak), who will talk about value addition, available markets for rabbit products, disease management and control, among others.