Monday March 28 2016

How to detoxify after the Easter binge

Get your bodies ready to shed off the unwanted

Get your bodies ready to shed off the unwanted fat and toxic buildup by upping your intake of vegetables.  

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

As the Easter season comes to a close, it is important to follow a healthy detox because your health will thank you!
You probably feel this unexplained fatigue or you may have tried to lose weight recently but all in vain. These are some of the signs that you need to detoxify your entire body and the liver in particular.
The liver has so many functions that keep the body healthy. It acts as a fat burning organ that also removes toxins from the blood and helps in the digestion of food. To detoxify means removing poisonous substances in the body.

Why you need to detoxify
According to Fausta Akech, a nutritionist at Healthy You, Live Life Well, we take in so many things in the body that become unnecessary in our bodies so the toxins keep on accumulating. Some of these substances are take in as food while others as medicinal drugs.
“There is usually one specific component that is needed in the body to cure a particular ailment.
“The rest of the components such are preservatives are aiding elements that are not absorbed in the body. These turn into toxins that are very dangerous to the liver once they are not released out of the body,” she says.

Anything that is not needed in the body must be removed because the toxins can be a risk factor to some chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease.
Toxins usually slow down the body’s ability to burn fats. If you have tried to lose weight recently but with no success, you should consider detoxifying.
Blood-sugar levels
Your blood-sugar levels are the first to suffer from too many chocolates and hot-cross buns. Sugary junk food will give you a sharp spike in energy, but it won’t last long.

While wholegrain carbs are actually an important part of a healthy diet, the highly refined carbs in pastries are not. Do not forget to think about all the added sugar that make them taste so sweet and you’re doing your intestines a serious disservice.
On average, kidneys process about 200 litres of blood and produce about the same amount of urine each day. Give these hardworking organs a chance by feeding your body only healthy, nutritious foods.
Fewer toxins entering your system means they can get rid of them much faster.

Signs you need to detoxify

There are usually combination of many symptoms that reveal a detoxified liver. When the liver is intoxicated, a person develops unexplained fatigue. This is because toxins weakens the body and compromises normal functioning of the body.
Hillary Asiimwe a nutritionist at Mwanamugimu says when a person gains more weight than normal with low body immunity, skin irritation, bloating of the stomach and digestive problems are signs that he should detoxify.

How to detoxify

Here are some tried and tested ways to a healthy detox.
Asiimwe says it important for one to drink a lot of water. The water helps to dilute the toxins. “Staying hydrated is a good way to help the body and liver detoxify. This is because the toxins will be passed in the urine.”
Taking a lot of antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables are vital in providing minerals that remove toxins in the body.
“Fruits like grapes, apples and vegetables like cabbage, green tea, garlic and hibiscus are good in detoxifying the liver,” says Jamiru Mpiima a nutritionist at Victoria University Healthy Centre.

He adds that it is important to reduce or completely eliminate alcohol, cigars and saturated fats. There are also commercial detoxifying supplements in form of pills such as charcoal tablets, folic acid that are sold in pharmacies and drug shops.
Akech warns people who use raw charcoal to detoxify because they may not be certain about the tree from which the charcoal is so they may risk poisoning their bodies the more.