Monday February 15 2016

Help needed to save skin and hands

Richard Oyuku made an appeal for help at Daily

Richard Oyuku made an appeal for help at Daily Monitor offices in Lira. Photo by Elizabeth Alaba. 

By Elizabeth Alaba and Christine Katende

Forty-four year old Richard Oyuku, a resident of Aunga ‘B’ Cell, Amirimiri Ward, Amolatar Town Council in Amolatar District, who was born with a condition of albinism is seeking medical assistance from the public to help treat his skin.
He says the skin burns when the sun shines on it.
“I always feel so much pain in my skin whenever I move in the sun. This disturbs me a lot,” explains Oyuku.

The father of four says he suffered from the scorching heat of the sun until 2012 when a Non-Governmental Organisation through Truth Fountain Church in Lira Town, provided albinos within their reach with creams, soap and drugs.
The soap is used for bathing and the cream is applied to body parts such as the arms and the face, which you cannot cover with your clothes when dressed.
“From the time I started using them, I felt better and never encountered pain even if I moved around in the sun,” says Oyuku.
For the last three years, the items helped him a lot but life has not been the same after he ran short of the skin products.

Oyuku says he went to Amolatar Health Centre IV but did not find the medication. He continued the search to Lira Regional Referral Hospital and was told they were not available, only to be referred to Entebbe hospital.
Oyuku, a peasant farmer, says he cannot afford to travel to and from Entebbe and also raise money for purchasing the expensive drugs.
“I am calling upon anybody to help me acquire the drugs. You can support me financially or connect me to organisations that can avail them” requests Oyuku.

How you can help
You can reach Richard Oyuku on telephone numbers; 0782 708 377 and 0759 676 244.

Single mother in need

Trying to raise her only child and have a good life has become a struggle for Rebecca Manana. The 30-year-old single mother cannot wash her clothes, cook food or even take care of her seven-month-old daughter. The problem started four years ago when her right hand suddenly started weakening.
While in Mbale, Manana went to Cruseda clinic where she was given treatment that has helped her to date. “The doctor prescribed neurontin, prednisone and Vitamin B complex drugs that I have been taking but I have not registered any difference because the hand is getting weaker by the day,” she narrates.

However, Manana got off treatment during the time she was pregnant and it is then that her hand became dislocated. The tests she took after delivery revealed that a nerve was affected and she needed an urgent operation.

Rebecca Manana has a nerve problem. Photo by

Rebecca Manana has a nerve problem. Photo by Christine Katende.

At Cure hospital in Mbale, Manana was advised to find Shs15m so that she could be operated upon before the situation worsens.
For any assistance, you can reach Manana on mobile phone contact; 0782 035 076
Or send mobile money to 0782035076
Post the money in Stanbic Bank Mbale branch
Account No: 0121045419001