Tuesday January 2 2018

Gift ideas for fitness freaks

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By Carolyne B. Atangaza

We give people gifts as a way of letting them know that we appreciate them and love them and wish them well. This is why finding that perfect gift is not easy. Here are a few gift ideas that will make that fitness freak in your life break a sweat with happiness.

Gym membership
What could be better than giving someone a gift of being able to do what they love to do? To give the gift an edge, get them a membership to new a new type of sports club or gym. This will enable them to try new things they may not normally try on their own. Remmy Semweya, a personal trainer, says fitness fans are always looking for ways to upgrade their workout routines. He suggests a package of sessions with a personal trainer to add diversity.
Another fabulous gift to give this year is a wireless activity tracker which gives fitness freaks the satisfaction of quantifying the amount of activity achieved. There are so many gadgets on the market, from a heart rate sensor with a stopwatch to wearables so advanced that they can actually track your steps and even rate your workout plan.

Healthy food coupons
Staying fit is a multipronged effort and meals are very essential. But getting the right meals at the right time can be hectic at best. There are many healthy food establishments willing to deliver meals directly to your loved one’s doorstep for a monthly fee. Places such Kwenu and Kwera Bits make and deliver healthy, delicious and varied food.

Juice bottles
Flushing your body of “toxins” with a juice diet might have been last year’s fad but it seems to be here to stay. So getting for your cleanse obsessed friend several juice bottles will enable them to make their own homemade juices and store them which is cheaper than buying them from juicing experts.

Spa membership
With their tight schedules people who dedicate their life to fitness are in constant need of pampering and a good massage will ease the sore muscles and aching bodies. So, go ahead and get them a membership at a trusted local spa. Most spas give discounts for members.

Personalised accessories
There is something prestigious about using personalised things. So for the gift that will keep the fitness fanatics in your life more motivated, get them personalised gym accessories such as a gym bag, yoga mat, or water bottle.

Workout gear
Depending on your budget, you can get trendy and functional workout clothes anywhere from down town to sports shops.
Haula Musoke Nakiganda, a personal trainer, recommends a form-fitting boob tube, loose vest, tights and converse for women while Semwaka recommends a tracksuit, cotton t-shirt and soft-soled shoes for men.
Workout DVDs
Workout videos are a great way to shake up a workout while staying warm in doors. There are many variations of workout videos ranging from yoga, to kickboxing, earobics and boxig. in video libraries, copy costs between Shs1,500 to Shs3,000

Gym Bag
It may seem obvious, but it’s important to start with a well-made gym bag that will keep up with all your workouts. Not every bag however can qualify as a gym bag. A gym bag should be water resistant and should have several pockets to store all of the times needed for your workout. A second hand gym bag goes for between Shs50,000 and Shs150,000 in sport shops.

Gloves will protect your loved one’s hands from forming calluses especially if they lift weights, use over rods, dumbbells, punching bags and other gym accessories. If they spend a lot of time on heavy weights, they will need real leather gloves with layered padding, wrist support and excellent breathability.
Gloves should fit snugly but allow their fingers to move comfortably. Suede or rubber palms and fingers are considered perfect for every kind of surface for enhanced traction and durability.

Everyone needs the trusty rope for those times you will not be able to make it to the gym or for the roadwork. Jumping a rope in itself is a killer workout that burns around 10 calories a minute, and it works many of the major muscle groups, including legs, shoulders, and arms. This might just be the perfect gift that your loved one has been waiting for .

Robert Ddamaulira, a fitness instructor who enjoys working out to music recommends getting headphones, iPods, mp3 player or other media player as gifts for your loved ones.