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There are a number of advertising avenues and social media is one of the new important marketing tools you can use to skyrocket the visibility of your business across multiple online channels

Wednesday May 21 2014

Social media and different websites are good

Social media and different websites are good places for you to buy and sell property. But you need to be careful when dealing in such transactions because there are many crooks involved in the business 


There are a number of advertising avenues and social media is one of the new important marketing tools you can use to skyrocket the visibility of your business across multiple online channels.

The online exposure via social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can result in increased success for your business.

Today, so many real estate dealers, fumigators and florists have taken to famous social media networks to market their goods and services.

Real estate online marketing
Whether it’s searching for listings or contacts of real estate dealers, some people head to the internet first.

That’s why some dealers have decided to create websites and social media accounts to integrate digital marketing into their real estate business in order to make sure it’s their website and listings people are finding online when they mount the related search.

While Twitter and Facebook offer great opportunities for interaction and promotion, your online marketing strategy shouldn’t rely solely on these two accounts. A website can play an important role here.

You can post available listings on your website and post a link on Facebook or Twitter account that leads to your site.
Saddam Mwanje, a real estate dealer, explains how he uses social media to get buyers.
“I post houses for sale and rent plus land for sale on popular Facebook groups like Liquidation and Kings Salesman. This has worked for me because I have gotten serious buyers out of this.”
He divulges that he has a website called where he posts listings.

“I mainly aim at Ugandans abroad who may not trust their relatives by sending them money to build. So our website has fully furnished houses for sale, houses for rent and also land.”

When someone is abroad, they can log onto our website and look at the houses that are on sale.

After the website visitor has picked interest in a particular house and has filled the form, we receive a notification on our email.
As a broker, I communicate to the owner of the house and we go into negations with the buyer,” Mwanje explains.
He adds: “After sending our company registration details and convincing the buyer that we are indeed legitimate, they then send part of the payments so that we don’t sell the house to some other person.”

Benefits to the seller
Mwanje admits earning a good amount of money off social media marketing.
“I just sit at home with my modem and laptop, post and tweet my listings and get calls from potential buyers.

All I pay is my rent here at home; I do not pay for office space. In a good month, I can have Shs3m on my bank account and sometimes totally nothing in a bad month,” he explains adding that he meets his clients at cafés and restaurants.

While social media marketing is a strong promotional tool, it also has a dark side to it. With a host of benefits it offers, there are some drawbacks that may become a nightmare for the marketers if not addressed.
Mwanje admits having encounters with crooks and online hackers. “There are so many people who call me every day.

Some are serious buyers and others are just “jokers”. Like sometime back, someone called me and claimed they were interested in renting a certain house. We set an appointment to go and see the house, on reaching there, the person’s phone was off. I have had many encounters like that and I end up wasting my transport.”

He also points out that online marketing causes laziness. “Sitting down all the time is not good, one may become completetely lazy over time,” he adds.

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