Wednesday February 24 2016

A coffee table that suites you

When buying a coffee table, you need to

When buying a coffee table, you need to consider aspects such as the available space, safety, and height of your sofas among others. Photo by Rachel Mabala 

By Shabibah Nakirigya

I visited a friend at the weekend and she told me she wanted to replace her coffee table. The one she has is made of glass and her reason for buying another one was because she thought glass coffee sets are outdated.
However, while speaking to an interior designer, Ivan Kikomeko of Exclusive designs, he says all coffee tables regardless of material are still in vogue.
He, however, added that just like any other item in the house, the opinion you have in mind when buying a coffee set is what will either make it in or out of vogue when you put it in your house.

Its use
While most people buy coffee tables just to have a piece of furniture in the middle of their sitting room, the coffee table can serve a number of purposes and they among others include, act as a remote control holder, provide extra storage space, serve as an extra seat.
Having these in mind will help you decide on the type and size of coffee set to buy.

Layout of a sitting room
Kikomeko says if your room is small, buying a big or dark coloured table will be a disservice, “It will make the room very small. In this case, buying a glass coffee set will be a wise choice because it will somehow blend with the rest of the room.

If you need a table that you need to move around the house with ease, Kikomeko advises that you consider buying a portable table. These normally come with tyres at the bottom.

Height of your sofa
Measure the height of your sofa or chairs that will be adjacent to the table. You don’t want the table to tower over the furniture.

If you have children and are worried that they might ruin your table by spilling drinks on it, you should then keep away from wooden and cloth tables.
“These retain stains unlike glass and leather tables that can easily be wiped.”

This one also applies to small rooms and safety for those who have children. If you have small room, a round table will be a good choice.
“The same applied to people with toddlers because these tables do not have edges so your children stand no risk or crawling into the sharp edges of a table.”