Eight things women never understand about men

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Women wonder why some men pleasure

Women wonder why some men pleasure in checking their spouses’ phones yet they guard theirs jealously. Shutterstock photo 

By  Lydia Ainomugisha

Posted  Sunday, August 10   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

John Gray, the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus could have it right with his choice of a title. Sometimes men do things, which make women believe we come from different planets. Lydia Ainomugisha talked to some women who shared weird things that men do.

It’s not what you think
You get him red handed with another woman in bed and all he can say is that it’s not what you think. So am I supposed to think, that you were having a meeting with your workmate in bed? Some even go ahead to blame you for coming unannounced.

If caught off guard, some girls find themselves apologising all in the name of saving the relationship.

Relying on us to find your stuff
Most men seem to have a short attention span. How often has your man asked where he put his phone, socks or shoes? For some odd reason, men expect women to mentally keep track of where they put every little thing. Even though we didn’t use it last.

It’s okay to hang out with girls.
Men can hang out with a bevy of girls until late. A call from a woman will be termed nagging. But dare hang out with “the boys”. He will certainly drop by abruptly or will keep calling to ask when you will be back home.

Men are afraid of commitment
You meet a man who promises marriage but as soon as you give in, he seems comfortable with the current state of relationship. Two years down the road you do not hear anything about meeting the parents.

Even when you move in, he shows that he only wants you to come over for a few days and give him his space.

Talking about marriage becomes a taboo in that if a girl keeps hinting at it, the man could drop her. Joan, an IT specialist wonders; “do you promise to marry me because you think that’s what I want to hear? ”

Phone snooping rights. Out of the blue, a man will pick up your phone and check through from dialled numbers to your inbox. But if you dare try to check his, he will even put a password. Some go as far as going with their phones to the bathrooms. But honestly, if you can check my phone any time, don’t you think I would also love to check through yours just for my own peace of mind?

Extremely independent
While this may not be the case for all men, most men have the idea to be independent, no matter the situation.

Has your man ever gone into a store looking for something, has no idea where it would be located, but refuses to ask someone? Or maybe he is going to a new restaurant but refuses to use a GPS until he is lost? Men are independent creatures, but some of them are overly-independent.

Watching football for hours. Days, if it’s one of those big football things that goes on for days. What’s that called? The Megacup? The super cup? Oh right, the Premiership.

The need to fix everything
We understand that you want to change our tyre because it’s flat and we understand that you want to take a shot at fixing the leaky tap before paying a plumber. But must men feel the need to fix every single problem?
When we talk to a man about an issue we’re having, physical, mental, or emotional, they’re the first ones with a plan to fix it.
From gossiping girlfriends to rude bosses, men are wired into thinking they need to fix everything. Sometimes, we just want you to listen to our sob stories and rub our backs.

“ I think dating an artiste or musician would really make me feel insecure in a relationship. I cannot stand seeing my spouse being squeezed and kissed by different girls on stage. Or even posing for photos with them. Who knows what could happen when I’m not around.
Mauricius Kanyange, Accountant

Dating a driver or a cyclist would really make me feel so insecure in our relationship. These people are on the road most of the time and stand falling victims of road accidents which may even lead to loss of life, deformation and crippling.
Gloria Najjuma, Mobile Money Agent

I wouldn’t want to ever fall in love with a journalist. All the time they claim to be busy and never get any time to be home. Even when not at work, they claim to be in the field looking for news. I can’t stand such a busy type of man at all in a relationship.
Viola Nalubega, Student

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