Sunday August 31 2014

I knew Carol was the one when she passed by office

Mr and Mrs Langoya after tying the knot. PHOTO

Mr and Mrs Langoya after tying the knot. PHOTO BY JULIUS OCUNGI 

By Julius Ocungi

When and how did you meet?
Robert: I met Carol in June last year. She used to pass by my office quite often and from then on, I decided to try out my luck on wooing her.
Carol: I used to see Robert in front of his office while on my way to work but surprisingly one day, he intercepted and introduced himself to me and that is how we started to date.

What did you like about each other?
Robert: Whenever Carol walked past my office, I saw a perfect beautiful woman.
I asked her to be friends with me during which I witnessed her sincerity, intelligence and above all, she is sociable.
Carol: Robert is friendly, polite and gentle. He has always understood my feelings and we have never picked a fight.

When did you propose?
Robert: I proposed to Carol on December 19, last year. I had taken her for a date at Boma Hotel in Gulu and walked her around the swimming pool. Before long, I got on my knees and popped the question. She could not believe it.

When did you plan for the wedding?
Robert: Six months into the relationship, I told her that we needed to legalise our relationship through a church wedding. I started saving in December last year and also informed my parents and friends about our wedding.

Did you have a wedding planner?
Robert: Yes, we had a wedding committee that comprised members who assigned themselves responsibilities. Each did as expected of him or her.

How much did you spend?
Robert: The wedding cost us Shs20 m and most of the contribution came from my friends and family members. They supported me generously with the planning and preparation.
We contributed Shs5m from our savings of six months.

Were you disappointed during the wedding ceremony?
Carol: No, the ceremony was spectacular, it was just good as we expected it to be. People supported us .

What was your most memorable moment?
Robert: Walking my wife to the altar to exchange the vows was my perfect moment because I knew before the almighty God; we will be united as one.

How was the wedding eve?
Robert: I was a bit anxious because I could not believe that I would be tying the knot with the woman I loved so much.
Carol: Our wedding eve was spectacular and very exciting, with most family members around although I also felt a little anxious.

What were your most exciting moments on the wedding day?
Carol: My most memorable and exciting moment on the wedding day was when the pastor gave me the chance to proclaim my love to Robert. I got excited because I had to use some of the best love words.

What advice do you give to those intending to get wed?
Robert: My advice to the youth is that they should obey the lord Almighty in all their endeavours and they should be respectful to their partners.
Carol: People should treat love as a gift from God that cannot be provided on earth by man.
And whenever you find love, you should honour it and treat your spouses gently as it is key in marriage.

Did you attend premarital counseling?
Carol: Yes, we did in the six months at Watoto Church where we learnt a lot of things amongst which i got to know that communication is a life blood of marriage.
Without proper communication, no marriage can last.
Robert: I learnt that sex is a pillar of marriage.

The cake
The cake was vanilla-flavoured because it is tasty and lasts . It was made by Rumu Confectionary in Gulu.

Theme colour
Our theme colour was purple. Even the maid’s dresses and the reception room were all in purple colour.

The vehicles
Robert chose to use Subaru Forester cars for the wedding ceremony because they are comfortable and classy.