Saturday April 5 2014

Trench coats for the cold


By Gloria Haguma

With these chilly mornings lately, one needs something to cover, but still manage to look stylish. Choosing a warmer accessory that speaks volumes and blends in with your outfit is a must.

This is where the trench coat comes in handy. This vintage and very classy item is the perfect pick for your formal or casual look, in case you want to keep warm.

The beauty about the trench coat is that it’s effortless, and that means you just need to pick out the right shade and texture to match your different outfit.

Go for the neutral colours
Shades like grey, brown or black should be the prime colour choices for your trench coat. This is because these colours are easy to match on many of your outfits. You could also have a few coloured pieces though, that you could wear with your casual outfits. Trench coats in dark colours are practical and compliment a man with dark features.

Go for detail
Now, remember that trench coat is not just for covering up, but is also supposed to make a statement. So choose it well, going for details like the double breasts, the high collar, dress pent, or even the chequered. If you are the kind that loves to break boundaries with what you wear,then you could go for the more outstanding detail like floral ,or stripes. Also, the trench coat’s belt enables the wearer to adjust the jacket’s torso and gives him the ability to carry a bag.

The texture
The texture of your trench coat is also important as some textures are best matched on particular outfits. For instance, the woollen or khaki trench coats are best matched with the dress pants, while the leather trench coats will work best on the jeans and other casual items.

A trench coat should be large enough to be worn over a suit jacket or heavy sweater. A good measure is to try on a coat and button it up fully – the shoulders should extend out past your natural shoulder by a half or one full inch (to allow room for a suit jacket), and you want to be able to fit a full fist in the chest area while having full arm movement.

Tall and big men should consider longer coats that fall below the knee – short coats make them look like giants. Smaller men should select shorter coats that fit above the knee and are closely tailored. These smaller coats will be more proportional.