We dated for ten months

Dorothy Angella Nabaweesi met Andrew Firtz in May last year . The two professed their love for each other in a civil wedding at Wakiso District Registrar’s office in March this year. They told Agatha Muhaise their love journey.

Sunday August 10 2014

 Mr and Mrs Firtz after exchanging

Mr and Mrs Firtz after exchanging vows. Courtesy photo 

By Agatha Muhaise

How did you meet?
Angella: I met Andrew through a friend in May last year. He had come from USA to Uganda for his study research last year. I was at MUBS in my third year.

Did he propose?
Angella: Yes, he did on January 5, this year. He had just returned from the US. We used to stay together and he asked me to go for a dinner date. While eating, he paused and pulled out a box that contained a ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” I was shocked and asked him, “Is this real?” I cried and accepted. In the same month, he met my parents.

How did you know that this was the person you wanted to marry?
Angella: Andrew is honest, loving and very handsome. He loves me unconditionally and that is the kind of person I always dreamed of marrying.

Andrew: I never believed in love at first sight until I met Angella. Over anything else, she is honest. I know she loves me more than money, gifts or any other material thing. When a woman is always asking for material things, she is more concerned with money than love. That is definitely not Angella. And right away, I knew I had to have her as my wife.

How did your parents react to the news of marriage?
Angella: We had been dating for almost a year. My parents, especially my mother, was so happy. She had always been supportive and gave me advice to help me be a caring and loving wife in future.
Andrew: My family was happy, but could not come over due to prior obligations. So, we are going to have a church wedding in the US to get them involved.

Did you have a bachelorette or stag party?
Angella: Yes, I had a bachelorette party at Big Mike’s and it was very interesting and we had much fun with of dancing and drinks.

Andrew: I did. I moved around Kampala City (read pub crawling) causing just enough trouble to stumble home with my brother- in-law the next day in the morning.

Who funded the wedding?
Angella: Andrew and his family funded everything. And, I really thank God for everything they have done.
Andrew (interjects): I did it because I love her to bits.

How much was the wedding fees?
Angella: I had to get a letter of introduction from the LC Chairperson and some other paper work, then pay URA but all together we spent Shs200,000.

How much was your budget?
Angella: Our budget was Shs20m, and we never went beyond it.

Tell us about your entourage
Angella: I didn’t have the traditional bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girl. Actually we did not need them. It was just us and the witnesses (my cousin and brother) because it was a civil wedding.

Did your parents attend the ceremony?
Angella: They only needed four people. Us and the witnesses. My father is deceased, but my mother came for the reception.

Why did you opt for a civil wedding?
Firtz: Our plan had always been to do a civil wedding here and a church wedding in the US. More so, my parents were not as ready since there were some travel issues.

What did it take to do a civil wedding?
Angella: You need to register with the district and there is a lot of paperwork. One fills in several forms which take a lot of time. In Kampala, you can get everything from Amamu House.

Where did the wedding take place?
Angella: The wedding ceremony took place at the district offices. That is where all civil marriages are conducted.

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