Sunday April 28 2013

Working your way to good health

Joseph Mumba takes some clients through an

Joseph Mumba takes some clients through an aerobic’s class at the gym. Many gyms have aerobic’s programmes that one can enrol in. Most sessions cost between Shs 10,000 and Shs 20,000. Left, he shows how one can lift weights. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA. 

By Jonathan Adengo

Fitness and good health go hand in hand but some men forget that to stay fit and healthy, you have to work out. Many often realise the need to work out when they want to shake off the extra weight and most particularly, get rid of a pot belly. Others may opt to exercise to gain some muscles, but more to all this is the fact that it helps you improve your health. When you embark on this journey however, there are certain things you ought to know, says Joseph Mumba, a former boxer and fitness instructor at Life fitness gym at Centenary Park.

Facilities are a big deal
Mumba points out notably, a gym with the required facilities is invaluable. These usually vary from tread mills, bicycles, machines, skipping ropes, boxing bags, pads, and mats to music. If you decide to exercise at home, then you must at least have some of the basics, like a skipping rope, tread mill and some weights. However, you can improvise accordingly. For you to be able to achieve the best results, you must also have a gym instructor who will guide you and help you achieve your fitness goal.

Have a training programme
Depending on the reason why you want to work out, you have to come up with an appropriate programme with your instructor’s help, detailing the list of exercises you have to do, when and also the type of diet you should be having. “A programme is like a time table and it tunes your body to accept the workout schedule,” he adds. He also advises that you check on your progress periodically. One can have a weekly programme or a daily one, depending on one’s schedule. This will also guide one on when to work out as it specifies not only the start of a workout session, but also the duration one is to spend on particulars.

The programme will also have a specific diet for you depending on what you want to achieve. It will stipulate a specific diet for bodybuilding, detailing the types of food that you will need to eat and also the time when to eat them.

A few basics
When starting every work out session, you must stretch to prepare the body muscles for the exercise. Mumba explains that adaptation is very important and one must take it slow when doing exercise. He emphasises the importance of taking one’s time and not rushing to do exercises, but rather progressing gradually, especially in cases when one does not have an instructor. “Start slowly, run for 10 minutes, and then increase the next day until your body gets used.”

Running on a tread mill or skipping a rope will prepare the body for a tougher work out session. This is because it engages all muscles in the body. For those lifting weights, it is advisable to start with light weights then you keep on increasing the weights as time goes.
He also emphasises consistent training in the first five days to tune the body to the exercise routine.

For those who cannot afford to go to a gym, try to come up with your own programme and improvise. If you cannot afford the tread mill, then opt for the skipping rope. You can skip every day for about 30 minutes and do exercises like pushups. Most gyms and health clubs charge a minimum monthly membership fee of Shs150,000 and they are equipped with all the necessary facilities and instructors.

Mumba’s story :‘ I eat over six eggs in a day’
I started working out at a very young age. I grew up in Naguru and we had a gym in the neighbourhood, Naguru Community Centre. I also started boxing during my primary school days and I was attached to Kololo High school.

I used to work out to keep fit and also body build. Later, I joined Kololo High school still as a boxer and I continued working out. I mostly ate body building foods. I drunk two litres of milk a day and ate over six eggs plus other foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates. I followed a programme that included working out in the morning and evening.

Today, I still maintain my work out schedule, I work at the gym from 6am to 7pm. Working out has come with many benefits for me. I’m always fit and I have been able to maintain my weight.
When I stop working out even for a week, I shiver because my body is so used to exercising.