Wednesday November 27 2013

Museveni’s removal key to solving problems in Uganda - opposition

Museveni’s removal key to solving problems in Uganda

Opposition shadow cabinet ministers address a press conference about the impeachment of Lord Mayor Erias Lukawgo in Kampala yesterday. Photo by Geoffrey Sseruyange. 

By Solomon Arinaitwe & Shabibah Nakirigya

Senior opposition leaders yesterday indicated that removing President Museveni’s regime is the “first line of wisdom” if the problems gripping Kampala and the country are to be resolved.

The leaders convened at the UPC headquarters in Kampala where they issued a joint statement read by FDC leader Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu.

The leaders, including Mr Olara Otunnu (UPC), Mr Asuman Basalirwa (Jeema) and Mr John Lukyamuzi (CP), spoke of a cloud of fear that they said continues to hang over Ugandans, inhibiting their ability to participate in civic actions. DP’s Norbert Mao was unable to attend because of the short notice, Mr Otunnu said.

They accused Mr Museveni of blocking avenues citizens can explore to choose their leaders like elections.

They spoke strongly in condemnation of Monday’s controversial impeachment of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

“If the prospect of removing the regime through free and fair elections is blocked by Museveni, then the people of Uganda should resort to popular uprisings using non-violent methods to remove this regime, Mr Otunnu said.

He added: “If anyone who has had any doubts that the Museveni regime has gone mad and berserk, the events we are witnessing in Kampala are an expression of the sickness of the regime.”

However, Mr Otunnu explained that he disapproves of a coup d’état or use of guns because “the power of the people can defeat the most powerful armouries”

“Our assessment is that majority of the people are fed up and want to see change. If you were to carry out a poll, my assessment is that 70 per cent -- including those who are in the NRM -- want change and that is where clear focus should be,” Maj Gen Muntu said.

Mr Lukyamuzi, also Rubaga South MP, promised to table a motion for the censure of the Kampala minister Frank Tumwebaze over his role in the controversial impeachment of the Lord Mayor.

“We have lost track of parliamentary sanctity because Parliament is equally blocked. This is a demonstration that we are no longer under any rule of law,” Mr Lukyamuzi said.