Friday July 13 2018

UPDF senior officer’s sons held over Shs1.9b theft



KAMPALA-Detectives from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested five people including two sons of Brig John Mulindwa, a serving UPDF officer, in connection to the theft of Shs1.9 billon ($500,000) from Metropolitan Forex Bureau in Kampala.

Sources say, the money was stolen on Thursday last week. It was reportedly given to a one, Lillian Nanyanzi, an employee of the forex bureau, to go and bank it in Bank of Africa (BOA), Jinja Road branch.

At the bank, Ms Nanyanzi and her colleague, Ms Joy Katenta, allegedly went the washrooms where they shared it.
CCTV footage obtained from BOA reportedly captured Ms Nanyanzi and Ms Katenta walking out of the washrooms and holding bags suspected to contain the money.

"Nanyanzi took Shs 950 million ($250,000) and distributed it with other accomplices. The Indians who own the forex bureau filed a case at police which immediately launched the hunt," the source said.

Police sources say, Ms Nanyanzi called Brig Mulindwa’s sons hours before she disappeared and instructed them to use Shs 76 million ($20,000) to bribe police investigators who were tracking her but the officers reportedly rejected the bribe.

"We suspect Nanyanzi is hiding in Kampala. She can't use Entebbe Airport because detectives have been deployed there. Our border security team have been put on alert and have her image," a detective said.

The source said detectives have so far recovered Shs900 million ($250000) which Ms Katenta had shared with others but Ms Nanyanzi, whose whereabouts are unknown, is reportedly keeping the balance.

Brig Mulindwa’s children have been detained at Kampala Central Police Station where they have spent three days.
Attempts by Brig Mulindwa to rescue his children were futile since the case is being handled by Criminal Investigations Department director, Ms Grace Akullo.

"I was here on Tuesday and someone told me that she [Ms Akullo] would help to release my children but nothing is progressing," Brig Mulindwa, said at CPS.

Efforts to speak to CID spokesperson, Mr Vincent Ssekatte, were futile since his phone was switched off.
However, police spokesperson, Mr Emilian Kayima, said investigations into the alleged theft was progressing adding that half of the money had been recovered.

“We have a number of suspects but we cannot reveal their particulars because it would jeopardise investigations. We have recovered Shs950 million($250,000) and we are sure the remaining balance will be recovered from the suspects who are still on the run,” Mr Kayima said.
In February, five police officers, including former Kampala South Regional Police Commander, Mr Siraje Bakaleke, were arrested over the alleged theft of Shs $400,000 from two South Korean nationals.