Thursday April 20 2017

Clash of similar style excites Apolot ahead of Reign of Giants II

Sports philanthropist Jack Pemba has pledged

Sports philanthropist Jack Pemba has pledged Shs2.5m should Patricia Apolot, Shakey Mubiru and Alex Masiko each win their respective fights during the second edition of ‘Reighn of Giants’ scheduled for May 13. PHOTO BYEDDIE CHICCO 



The excitement at the launch of what has now been dubbed “Reign of Giants of II” was understandably about the financial incentives that have come to be associated with Jack Pemba appearances.
The sports philanthropist pledged Shs2.5m should Patricia Apolot, Shakey Mubiru and Alex Masiko each win their respective fights while at the launch held at Nanjing Hotel on Wednesday afternoon.
He also offered another shs10m cash boost to all the fighters in the build up to the May 13 fight-night at the Lugogo MTN Arena.
For Apolot popularly known as Black Pearl meanwhile, the opportunity of facing-off with Austrian-born Carina Greimel raised as much adrenaline.
“I watched her recently when I went to Europe and I noticed we have a similar style which should make an interesting fight. That means I have to slightly alter my approach and I assure my fans of victory,” Apolot whose record stands at 12-1 vowed.
The two will face off in one of three main fights along with Masiko- Aleksander Dokter and Mubiru- Allan Muhalala as was the case with the Riegn of Giants I organised by Ampropen company in December.
All three emerged victorious with the Hima Cement sponsored Apolot defeating Lakrech Yosra by technical knock-out while Mubiru and Mastiko overcame Ben Anes Montassar and Khalil Dernech respectively.
The second edition of the Spear Motors and Bank of Uganda funded series will this time also include four undercard boxing bouts.
Pemba meanwhile also announced plans to have at least five Ugandan boxers and kickboxing fighters fight in Las Vegas by the end of the year as part of a partnership with World Federation of Elite Martial Arts.

Lugogo MTN Arena
Patricia Apolot vs Carina Greimel
Alex Masiko vs Aleksander Dokter
Shakey Mubiru vs Allan Muhalala

Apolot ready for Carina Greimel