Tuesday May 20 2014

Maxime dominates MX championship at Garuga

Airborne Maxime van Pee during the fourth

Airborne Maxime van Pee during the fourth edition of the National Motocross Championship on Sunday. PHOTO BY JB SSENKUBUGE 

By Fredrick Musisi Kiyingi

World champion Marc Marquez has dominated the Moto GP this season winning five races out of five.

In the same vain, Maxime van Pee has won the opening four MX1 races of the National Motocross Championship. His latest win was at Garuga on Sunday where other riders were set off before him in the third heat. But after 10 of 20 minutes, he had overtaken them and established a gap of about 100 metres.

“It was getting boring for fans I decided to give them a head start,” the 20-year-old told Daily Monitor. The win at the half way stage of the season, puts him in commanding position to win his maiden MX title.
He has 237 points, 36 ahead of Arthur Blick Jr, the 10-times national champion.

Zimbabwean Kude Mhene, a guest rider dominated the MX65cc class winning all the three heats.
However, Ben Nsumba (MX65), Habib Kiggundu (MX50), Alisteir Blick (MX85), Jojo Wilson (MX2) and Jess Kamstra were the other class winners.

Habib Kiggundu – 57 pts
Esther Mwangala- 47
Imran Nkurunziza- 45
Ben Nsunba– 54
Waleed Omar– 50
Fortune Ssentamu-45
Alisteir Blick– 57
Ali Omar– 52
Paddy Blick- 43
Jojo Wilson– 54
Fatuh Kiggundu– 48
Ham Kamstra- 46
Maxime Van Pee – 60
Asaf Natan- 49
Arthur Blick Jr- 45
MX veterans
Jesse Kamstra – 60
Patrick van Pee – 51
Brend Phillips- 49
Ladies Class
Esther Mwangala – 57
Isabella Blick – 54
Amina Zawedde- 45