Sunday November 18 2012

UAM partner with Cecafa to kick out malaria

United Against Malaria (UAM)


By Abdu Wasike

United Against Malaria (UAM) have joined hands with Cecafa to fight malaria during the regional tournament that will be hosted in Kampala starting next weekend.

The UAM campaign, which was launched during the World Cup hosted in South Africa in 2010, continues to use football as a channel to overcome the killer disease across the African continent. The UAM theme in Cecafa will be “Kick Malaria out of the Region”.

The goal of the partnership is to ensure that Cecafa raises the profile of the need for malaria prevention and treatment as well as encouraging all participating countries to advocate for the same. The UAM Team Leader for Uganda, Ken Mulondo confirmed that they are working closely with Fufa to reach affected communities through football.

They intend to distribute insecticide treated bed nets to the identified beneficiaries (pregnant women and children under 5 years of age) on the opening day of the tournament before the kick off at Nambole Stadium. Among the other activities related to the tournament, UAM will also conduct a ‘malaria safe’ talk for the Uganda Sports Press Association (Uspa).