Tuesday July 22 2014

World Cup trophy damaged by "unknown" Germany Player


By Agencies

The German football federation has admitted that the FIFA World Cup trophy was "chipped" during celebrations by the players after the national team arrived in Berlin on a special flight.

However, its not clear who damaged the trophy. Germany Beat Agrentina 1-0 to lift the trophy in Rio on july 13th.

FIFA usually presents a replica of the World Cup to the champions and the original trophy worth 10 million Euros remains at FIFA head offices.
When Germany won their fourth World Cup to become the first European side to win a world championship in Latin America, Philipp Lahm and his team were presented with a look alike golden Cup.

DfB president Wolfgang Niersbach admitted that the trophy was damaged amid wild celebrations in Berlin.

"At one point, a small piece of our World Cup trophy was chipped off," Niersbach has been quoted by Die Welt. "But do not worry! We have specialists on the case who can fix it."

"We have investigated persistently who it was that damaged the trophy, but the investigation was concluded without a result." Niersbach added.

The original world cup trophy - the Jules Rimet Trophy - was stolen for good in 1983 from Brazil.