Sunday August 10 2014

10 Must-have items in a modern kitchen

 A slow cooker

A slow cooker 

By Kadumukasa Kironde II

Last week, I went to purchase a commonly used food preservative that we use on a daily basis from Desbro, who not only are the purveyors of these specialised items, but are tops in the field.

Upon placing my order I was surprised and amazed to be informed that the price had been reduced by a staggering 25% leaving me in awe to the point where I had to ask the attendant whether a mistake had been made!

The answer was NO and I was informed that the reason for the reduction in price was caused by good old fashioned market forces; they had bought this consignment inexpensively and it behooved them to pass on the discount to their customers.

Today’s kitchen is a marvel of scientific layout. We are all aware that the big kitchen is a time and energy waster and that the way to go is that of a U-shape or a triangular relationship of the sink, cooker and the fridge. Of course no kitchen would be complete without well-crafted wooden kitchen cabinets and work spaces are a step-saver.

A microwave oven
It is handy if you have to warm a cold meal instantly.
Costs: 350,000 and above
Where: Ssebagala electro centre

A refrigerator If you have many fruits or other perishable foods, a fridge will come in handy. Ensure it has several containers to keep it orderly.
Costs: From Shs850,000 and above
Where: Ugasung and other Supermarkets, around town.

A food processor
This is a high tech food blender. This can blend, knead dough, do soups, cut vegetables etc. It’s like having a second person in the kitchen.
Costs: 250,000
Where: Nakumatt, Shoprite and

A set of chopping boards
Your eyes tear because you cut onions in your hands. A chopping board will save you this hustle.
Cost: Shs 20,000 a piece.
Where: Supermarkets in town

A set of saucepans
You have many things to cook and cannot use one saucepan.
Costs: 200,000 and above
Where: Game Stores, Kitchenware

A pressure cooker
This gadget cooks food quickly than conventional cooking methods and saves energy.
Costs: 200,000
Where: Kitchen ware shops

A slow cooker, aka crock pot
It is a time saving appliances. Use it for slowly simmered soups, stews, and broths.
Costs: Shs 250,000 and above
Where: Kitchenware on Bombo Road

A small camping gas cylinder
This comes handy when you have to fry an egg, boil water for tea or milk.
Costs: From Shs 400,000 and above
Where: At Total, Shell or other gas suppliers