Nataliey plans her weekly programmes on Sundays

Saturday November 30 2019

  Nataliey Bitature

Nataliey Bitature 

By Nicolas Akasula

I typically wake up at about 8am everyday unless I have a breakfast meeting to attend.

The first thing I do is switch on the radio to catch up on news and music, as I get dressed.

On the way to work, I get an opportunity to respond to urgent emails. My day normally runs from 10am to 6pm, and is characterised by back to back meetings. As chief of staff, I cater for all the different companies in the group, including the hotel. At 1pm, I have a working lunch because I don’t like to take a break until 6pm.

In the evenings, I spend time attending events or a speaking engagement. I usually get home at 10 or 11pm. Once I get home, I choose what I will wear the next day, to avoid getting stressed in the morning. I review reports in preparation for the next day. Before I go to bed, I read a chapter of a book and meditate on how I spent the day. On a typical day, I retire to bed at 2am.

My weekdays’ tasks are pretty the same. However, when a new company is established, I work extremely hard. Sometimes, we work day and night. I use Tuesday evenings to check on my siblings, friends, or attend any event during the week.

Wednesday & Thursday:
I am currently pursuing an online executive education course at Harvard University and I attend online lectures twice a week. I spend the better part of these two days to working on assignments, courseworks, reading, researching and making presentations. It is a three-month course but I must juggle work and make time for the course as well.


I shoot videos on Fridays and it takes a lot of preparation and planning.
Sometimes, the filming is done in the field or indoors. I shoot professional videos to promote businesses and brands on television and social media. Every Friday, I submit a comprehensive report to my supervisor with an update of tasks accomplished during the week, approvals to make and different ideas and resolutions made by staff through the week.

This is my resting day. I also spend the day shopping and visiting friends I have not met in a long while. I also travel for a lot for work outside Uganda. I attend development meetings and shop items for our companies. I travel to attend business conferences to benchmark on how other companies are doing business and draw lessons to improve the operations of businesses back at home.

This is day to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the week. I enjoy Sunday meals with my parents or grandmother. Sometimes, I go for a movie with my brothers. I also spend time alone, planning for tasks ahead of the week. I also review what I need to know from my team and schedule deadlines. Usually by Sunday, I fix every little detail of my programmes of the week.