There is a milky discharge from my baby’s ears

Monday November 25 2019


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Dr, my baby is seven weeks old and has milk coming out of her ears. I have been told this is because milk entered the baby’s ears while I was breastfeeding but that has never happened. The baby also has cough and flu. Please help. Mama Zoe

Dear Mama Zoe
Some Ugandan mothers believe that when a milk-like discharge comes out of a baby’s ears, milk may have accidentally gone into the ears leading to the problem.

What in Bunyoro is called amata gamatu or ear milk is usually due to an infection in the ears usually following a nasal, chest infection or allergy.

Ironically, this usually affects children who are not breastfed more than those who are breastfed and those who are breastfed while lying down, among others. Instead of avoiding breastfeeding or just stopping at cleaning the ears, visit a doctor for proper treatment to avoid complications, including deafness and brain infections.