The right colour paint for your exterior

Wednesday July 11 2018

Most Ugandan roads are dusty therefore if your

Most Ugandan roads are dusty therefore if your house is near the road, choose a paint colour that will not be affected by dust.  


Everyone wants a beautiful home but few take the time to ponder about what works. Apart from the trees and the flowers in the compound, paint is another aspect you have to put in consideration if you want to attain the beauty. However, with exterior paint, exterior experts advise to look out for different factors before choosing paint colour.
Innocent Mulindwa, a home owner in Seeta- Bajjo, is one of those who carefully thought about the colour of paint for the exterior of his house. Mulindwa says he considered the road factor and the surrounding neighbourhood. “I settled for colour shade of cream mixed with brown because of the dusty roads that are surrounding us. I did not also want to differ so much from my neighbourhood,” he reveals.

Although Mulindwa focused on the neighbourhood and the environment factor while choosing the colour of paint for his exterior, there are many people who find difficulty in selecting which paint to have on the exterior.
Bashir Masembe, an exterior designer, working with Nomaro Wallpapers, says there are very many factors one can consider before deciding which colour of paint to apply on the exterior.

The visual effect
The experts says contemplate over your house’s relationship with the landscape. For example, does it sit back from the road or mounting the trees like storeyed buildings? In this case, you have to choose a brighter colour paint that will make it stand out.

It is important to consider the environment surrounding the house according to David Kiggudu, an interior designer, working with chrome outdoor furniture. You could be surrounded with green, dusty roads, water like at the lakeside. He, however, notes that due to the fact the most of the country is affected by dust, it is wise to choose non-brilliant colours. These are not so bright and not dull. Such paint will leave the house with beautiful appearance and will not attract a lot of dust as it with bright and dull colours. These colours may include peanut or coconut among others depending on the colour and the shade one desires to have. In case you fancy outdoor or green coverage, Kiggudu, advises that you go with green. “Just as other colours, green also has different but beautiful shades that can be blended with fireball (a mixture of orange and red).”

Different paint shades
Essentially, Masembe explains that an exterior scheme has three major parts, including the field colour, which dominates, accent colour, which brings doors, shutters and other smaller areas to life and trim colour which used for windows and door casing, roof edging, rails and other trim work. In this case, a light colour can look spectacular with dark trim.

Use sample paint
Masembe notes that just like interior colours, exterior shades can also vary significantly from the way they appear on the wall. “Buy a quarter of the paint and test it on an inconspicuous are of your home and take time to study it under different weather conditions to know what will be better or what will apply to your exterior walls,” he advises.

The children in the picture
When you have children, Kiggundu says having bright exterior colour paint that ryms well with children, like lavender, will bring fun in your home. “Many think that children’s colours only apply to the interior (bedroom) but you can also have it on the exterior as well though in different shades. Lavender (in its dark form) gives a beautiful purplish finishing and this can be mixed with black or white thus giving a different but beautiful shade,” he explains.

Consider elements that are hardest to change. These elements may include roofing shingles, stone work, roofing tiles, pathways and drive ways. However, Masembe notes that because such elements are permanent and have to remain in place, you must think of selecting a colour paint that blends well with them so as to achieve an exciting exterior.

Your interests
According to Kiggundu, it is very vital to have one’s interests put in consideration as this will give you peace of mind as you set your eyes that house every day.
However, one’s colour concentration can be got in appropriate shades or mixed with different colour paints depending on the environment surrounding the house.

Durability of the paint
There are very many types of paints on the market. However, Kiggundu says, with an improvement in technology, the oil-based paint that was applied on the exterior then has been replaced with acrylic based paint, which is mixed with water. This kind of paint can withstand the weather elements and its durability can go to more than 15 years. Kiggundu, however, advises to buy the paint from reputable dealers to avoid being conned.

Type of the paint
The type of paint for the exterior should be able to withstand the weather. This can be weather guard or paste that gives a stony texture on the finishing. “This kind of paint is mixed with some special sand with gives a very good finishing on the exterior,” he explains.