Which ones are the perfect doors for your home?

Glass or sliding doors are suitable for sitting rooms because they are fashioned in a way that adds flair to the room’s decor. Photo by Ismail Kezaala

What you need to know:

When one builds their home, all details are important. The door cannot be ignored because it provides entry, security and the designs one chooses for their doors will also determine the taste and serenity of their home.

It is everyone’s dream to own a house, which house has many details some of which are negligible and paramount. Doors are on the list of the paramount things. Many people have entered and are willing to enter their uncompleted houses proved they are properly closed with doors. Yes, the tiles, cement and beautiful paint can wait but, doors cannot. There are different makes of doors on the market. They include; glass, wood and metallic. Only your pocket size can limit your choice.

Sitting room/ front entrance doors
Mr Hanington Ssemwanga, a Technical Director, Sonko Metal Crafts Limited says that glass or sliding doors are suitable for sitting rooms. This is because of their fashion which adds beauty to the house. Glass doors are often of the swinging type. They are designed with a burglar proofing. This is usually closed with glass shutters opened to let in light and fresh air.

Ssemwanga says that sliding doors are convenient and flexible. He says that they slid within the frames hence preventing the risks of losing the glass when the wind blows unlike swinging doors. “These doors have mosquito nets which prevent from mosquitoes from entering even when the door is open,” he says. The burglar proofing on both types of doors is meant for security purposes. The glass is beautiful but not secure. The cost of glass doors ranges between Shs400,000 to Shs800,000 while sliding doors cost between Shs1m to Shs1.6m, depending on the burglar designs and the glass used.

Behind entrance/back door
Solid metal doors are recommended for hind entrances. These doors are strong, water resistant and durable. Their cost ranges between Shs100,000 to Shs1m depending on the material used and the size.

Dickson Katumba of Way Agencies says that wooden doors can only be used at the behind entrances if they are multi panelled and made of solid wood. “Multi panelled doors are put at the house entrances for security purposes. This is because they are also strong and durable. They are hard to be broken because of the hard wood used,” he notes. At Way Agencies, wooden doors cost between Shs450,000 and Shs530,000 depending on how much wood applied on a door.

Hard wood door are used for safety reasons, Mr John Ochora of White Lino wood works says that entrances that lead to bedrooms should have strong solid multi panelled doors. They are not easily broken.

Master bedroom
Solid doors made of hard wood; they are strong thus good for security purposes, they are easy to clean and durable. However, Ssemwanga notes that even solid metal doors can work depending on how they are designed. “People normally keep valuable items in their bedrooms because they believe they are safer. In the case, such rooms require very strong doors whether wood or metal,” he says.

Kids’ bedroom
Flush doors made of ply wood are best on children’s rooms. They are easy to clean and light hence easy to open. Hard wooden door might be dangerous because of the children’s playful nature. The cost ranges between Shs180,000 to Shs250,000 depending on the make and the design .

Visitors’ room
A flush door works best given that fact that the room is usually locked. It gives way for easy cleaning.
Store room

Because most stores rooms are separated from the main house, they need solid metal doors for security purposes. However, they are easy to clean in case of dust. The cost ranges between Shs100,000 to Shs1m depending on the material used.

Bathroom/ toilet
Although solid doors are good, Mr Ochara says that flush doors would be better. They are cheap and convenient, given the fact that the rooms are almost used by everyone in a home. They are easy to clean and are water resistant because of the vanish used. However, he cautions to always hire experts to re-vanish the doors whenever they fade. The cost ranges between Shs180,000 to Shs250,000 depending on the make and the design.

This room needs a flush door given the number of times it is opened. It is light, convenient and easy to clean no matter the kind of stains it attains.

Because of the valuable items kept in the garage like cars, spares among others, one needs a strong solid metal door for security purposes. The cost ranges between Shs700,000 to Shs1m depending to the size.

However, there are cases where wood is designed with metal and glass, according to Mr John Bosco Otim, a workshop manager at Can Limited. He notes this is aimed at attaining beauty and security as well. “Although solid metallic doors are meant for the back entrances and stores, front entrances also need beautiful but secure type of doors.” “We normally fix designed burglars and glass in wooden frames to bring out the beauty of the house,” he says.

Price tags
A plain solid door at Can Limited costs Shs200,000. A wood-metal and glass door can either be put on main entrance or master bedrooms for safety and privacy. The cost Shs350,000 to Shs700,000. A plain designed sliding burglar door that is normally put at main entrances cost between Shs250,000 to Shs270,000, according to Otim.

A metal framed door with a burglar and fibre glass shutters goes on main or front entrances. Their nature contributes to the beauty of the house and is good for security. The cost ranges between Shs400,000 to Shs800,000. Metal framed doors with burglar and mirror shutters are good for the main entrance and bedrooms.

These doors add beauty to the house and are good for security. They are beautiful and make the room spacious. They cost between Shs400,000 to Shs800,000. The cost of the doors depends on the size and material used.