Making the most out of a job transfer

Friday February 8 2019

A transfer could come with bigger o

A transfer could come with bigger opportunities so do not take it in bad faith. File photo 

By Sarah Aanyu

Jovia Atuhaire, a banker, has been transferred to a district she never thought she would find herself moving to and cannot imagine her life there. “Regardless of the salary they are offering, I cannot go there so I asked them to either revoke my transfer or I let go of the job,” shares Atuhaire.

A job transfer usually comes with challenges because there are a lot of arrangements and adjustments to be made depending on the individual’s ability. Regardless of the reason for transfer, no one will say they had it easy after the transfer. However, being able to accept, adapt and adjust in the new environment will save the stress that people go through.

Find reasons to take up the job
Kate Akello, a human resource officer, says there have been a lot of issues arising from offering employees job transfers that they are not comfortable taking up.

“Sometimes the company has to look for other employees because the individual has decided to let go of the job and others take up the transfer but as soon as they get what they need, they leave without hesitation,” says Akello.

She says a transfer is only fun if the person gets what they want from it, otherwise it is only a mind-set that can enable an individual accept whatever the company can offer them.

When given a higher position
She says most transfers involve promotions so instead of looking at what you are going to leave behind, look at the benefits you are going to mint from the transfer. She further says the best thing is to move immediately, settle in and start getting used to your new work environment so that when serious work starts, there is nothing left to distract you.

Apart from being given a higher position, Catherine Aliso, a human resource officer, says people should not just look at the position, but the possibility of opportunities in the new place. “Sometimes people do not know that transfers may be a blessing in disguise because there could be more openings in the place or better still, you may work hard and are promoted with no time,” says Aliso.

She advises that instead of looking at the money it has to offer, look at the experience and ways in which your curriculum vitae will be improved so that you can still find a job elsewhere.

Leaving behind the life you built
Karen Irene Echelai, an administrator, says much as leaving the life you have may be hard, people should make use of their transfer to get rid of the bad vices that they had since they are leaving behind their old colleagues.

She further says moving enables an individual have a new direction to life so an individual should make sure the decisions they make should be life changing and beneficial not only to them but also that company they are working for.

Although she says employees should not let the transfer destroy them but use them as an opportunity to grow and get better at their job.

Create contacts
Much as this may not seem profitable, contacts are very important because who knows what they will have to offer in the near future.
She further says these contacts will not only be there for you in time of work but also when you need them to help you do something else in regards to work in other fields.

Just like Echelai, Bosco Lotte Bogere, a procurement officer, says transfers enable people share ideas and get to know what they do not know especially those that do practical work.

Change of environment
Lotte notes that much as many people overlook change of environment, sometimes it is needed so that the individual also gets a feel of another place.

“This works mostly for those workers who have troubles in the places they are working in so moving them to other places will enable them have peace of mind and with this, the employees are assured of efficiency in their work places,” says Lotte.