Ways to be productive while working from home

Friday April 12 2019

Work. Invest in tools such as a laptop that

Work. Invest in tools such as a laptop that will make it easy for you to work from home.  

By Desire Mbabaali

Working from home, telecommuting or remote work is among the growing trends in the employment world. However, if not well managed, might affect productivity. Here is what you can do to be productive while working from home.

Manage your time
Among challenges that telecommuters face is failure to manage their time. This can be either by working less hours or longer hours. “Though working from home, you have to manage your time really well; sparing time to do other things around your home, plus other personally responsibilities, but also working and executing your duties and responsibilities. To help me do this, I have a to-do list with time lines or a daily time table or routine that I strictly follow so that my work is not affected,” Sheila Nantongo a data analyst who works from home shares.

Be disciplined
Wilson Muheirwe, a human resource manager at Ham holdings, cautions that working from home calls for a very high level of discipline. “One should be able to execute their duties and responsibilities as promptly as required with no supervision from their superiors,” he says.

Avoid distractions
In the same vain, avoid distractions. Nantongo says: “Some people don’t understand this stuff of working from home, so when they see you home, they usually think you are not working a real job, but try to make this clear to them. I used to have this friend who didn’t care whether I was working. Because they knew I would be home, they would drop by any time and expect me to attend to them. I had to seriously tell them off that I was working and that they had to respect that,” she advises.

Be in the loop
Working from home can be alienating from your team, boss or organisation. However, keeping in touch with them about what is going on, where they are at and new projects relating to your work is useful. “If possible, meet them in person every once in a while, and talk to them using various means of communication so that you do not feel detached or lose track of where you are heading, but also not losing track with them,” Muheirwe cautions.

Invest in resources
Some of the things that will make your work easy and up to standard is investing in the right and necessary tools that you need to execute your work. “I know that most remote workers leverage and highly rely on technologies to do their work and so, investing in the best technologies you need will make you more productive. Invest in gadgets like laptops, smart phones, tablets, cameras, plus software and applications that relate to your work or make your work easy. Keep yourself up to speed about new technologies or research about technologies you can leverage upon for your work,” Muheirwe adds.


Change of scene
“If facing such challenges, you can opt to go at your work station (if possible) until things calm down, or simply move out of your home and find a conducive place where you can dedicate given hours and get your work done,” Gerald Tusiime, a remote worker shares.