What questions can I ask the job interview panel?

Friday April 26 2019

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka  

By Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka

I am going for an interview for the job I badly want, I cannot afford to blow up this opportunity. What kind of questions can I ask when given the chance? Vicky

Dear Vicky,
An interview is a two-way street where by your potential employer is generally curious to learn about you and vice versa. Hence there are three separate sections in an interview process that is, the opening, the main body, and the closing much as an experienced interview panel will make all three parts perfectly flow along into what appears to be one full process. The closing often includes a short opportunity for the candidate to ask any questions. It is thus a good time to stand out if you had something in mind related to the position that you thought they would discuss but did not. It is also another opportunity for you to shine and exhibit the pre-interview research which demonstrates your interest in the company.

You must prepare at least two questions that demonstrate your interest in the position and your drive to excel in the role for instance a question like, can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job? This will give you chance to learn as much as possible about the role so you can decide whether this is a job you really want.

You should however avoid asking questions like, what does your company do? This implies that you have not done your research and are not interested in the position.
Therefore being prepared for this section is just as important as preparing for the first two sections. After all, even if your responses are flawless and on point, by not asking a good question you run the risk of coming across as generic.

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka
HR business partner
NMG - Uganda