What should I do about voices against my ideas?

Friday November 29 2019

Moses Ssesanga

Moses Ssesanga 

By Moses Ssesanga

I hold a Bachelor’s in Business Computing. With my computing knowledge, I decided to focus on the real estate sector where I felt there was a missing link between all the major stakeholders. However, many people are discouraging me. Sometimes it gets into my head and I feel like quitting. Amos

Dear Amos,
Consider yourself unique and different because of the courageous path you have charted for yourself to identify a challenge and try to turn it into an opportunity to create value for yourself and the potential customers you are trying to serve.

It’s always the prepared people who believe that challenges always provide opportunities to be exploited by the prepared. Technological innovation in the real estate sector aiming at easing the transaction of business between the major stakeholders is a real great opportunity that is yet to be exploited.

All we see currently are the unending and sometimes violent bickering between landlords, tenants and government law enforcement , especially in downtown Kampala, leading to everybody’s frustration.

Your brave decision to stand out from the crowd where graduates are tuned into the thinking that looking for the elusive jobs after graduation is the solution, and you decide to strike out to create your own hustle, in uncharted waters, expect many people to scoff at your ideas.

It’s time you realised that sometimes it’s far more beneficial to listen to yourself more than you listen to other people’s opinions.
To avoid ridicule and discouragement, it’s actually better to become silent and simply follow your plans and dreams.


This will focus you to develop a discipline and seek out like-minded people who never give up when they believe they have recognised an opportunity.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda