What should I consider before accepting a job?

Friday November 15 2019


By Jane Muiruri

I recently attended a job interview and was successful. However, I am confused about whether to accept the position or not. The recruiters are offering me a good compensation package, but the organisation is a startup and for this, I am a little skeptical. Joy

Dear Joy
Indeed, there are various factors that should be put into consideration before accepting a job offer. Technology has brought about new challenges in many industries today.

Key among the questions you should ask yourself is: Are you going into a growing industry or one whose collapse is imminent? You would rather work for an organisation that assures you of a modest salary over a long period, than jump into one that promises you a big salary they cannot sustain.

Evaluate the company’s performance before you make a decision. The bulk of your time is spent in the office and therefore, it is important to aspire to work in places where you will feel inspired, rather than where almost all employees are depressed.

Check and confirm that there are clearly defined values that guide employees’ behaviour, a good culture, and a strict set of rules governing how employees relate with peers and superiors. A good work environment is necessary for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Now that you’ve already gotten the job, take a step back and review the whole recruitment process. How were you treated during the interview? Did the interview start on time? If not, did anyone apologise? What about the front office staff? How courteous were they? Did the staff look happy? Is the employer’s brand respected? Remember that your current workplace could have a bearing on how your next employer perceives you.
Study the compensation package and ensure it is worth the change.


Jane Muiruri
Senior HR Manager,
Nation Media Group