We were just natural – Alex

Sunday December 15 2019


By Nicholas Akasula

How would you describe Christine?
Christine is very relaxing, and easy to move with. She’s a nice person that was well brought up. When we met at Capital FM we had similar tastes, used to talk about the same things, and she was into RnB music like I was.
Our friends were also the same, kwegamba!

What are some of your biggest memories of working with her?
We would simply talk most of the time; she knew most of the things I knew and unlike many co-hosts today, we did not have issue. Going to work was interesting. We also did not have to force ourselves to be comedians yet we cracked jokes and understood each other perfectly. If I didn’t know anything, I would ask her there and then.

What are some of the craziest things you did together?
I don’t want to come off as arrogant, but we didn’t care who came on the show to be interviewed. For instance I would ask her; mpozi who’s coming? And she would just say; I don’t know Owekitibwa so and so...
Then I remember at Capital there was a policy of playing this or that. And Pike (William) would want to put in his zungu songs we disliked. When he put us on the spot to play them, we would eyeroll, side eye him and accept, well knowing we weren’t going to.

What nickname do you have for her?
I just call her Christine.

What was the most risky venture you embarked on together?
We were free, we just did not have to be abusive. We would even talk about things which are in court.
And there was also this one incident where we talked about someone, and then Pike (the station owner), wanted us to go on air and apologise. We were like, ‘what?’

Did you ever team up to fight someone during your time together?
There were some people who were rude. But we knew how to negotiate and ignore them. We knew what to do and what not to do.


Would you work on radio again, with another presenter other than her?
Today’s people are scripted. For us we wouldn’t have those things, say a piece of paper, what – what. They seem to be looking for something to talk about.

How often do you meet nowadays?
As you can see, I just called her when you came in.

What don’t people know about her?
First of all she’s very knowledgeable. Will ask her about something, and will be sure she has an idea.

How would you describe Alex?
Alex is a lot of things. In a way, he’s got so many facets to him. And to say he’s interesting, is an understatement if you get to know him.
If there’s a way you could put it, he’s a life-size personality, or a life-size poster.
He’s also one person who really likes to read; if there’s a new novel, he’ll actually take time to read it.
When you listen to his work (the radio mixes), there’s something you’ll notice that stands out.
And he’s got a sharp eye to fine things.

What are some of your biggest memories of working with him?
He was extremely rude. I mean he wouldn’t greet people in the morning. (Laughs)….
I’ve said it before. He would just say things as they were. So it’s upto you to take it or leave it. That’s just who he is.

What are some of the craziest things that you did together?
On air we did a bunch of crazy things, and I can’t even single out one.
Every show was unique, and there was something crazy to it. But there’s this time we told people to come see us walk naked at the City Square. Many turned up, but actually found us walking a dog called ‘Naked.’

What nickname do you have for him?
Just Alex. But the team of producers we had then used to call him ‘Zeus’

Did you ever team up to fight someone, during your time together?
There are many fronts we fought together for a common cause. Some were on the edge, some earned us memos. (Laughs)….

Would you work on radio again, with another presenter other than him?
Yes I would. It depends on the personality. Also personalities can be morphed and packaged.

How often do you meet nowadays?
We meet very often, at least once every two weeks. We actually agree, to go have lunch, and talk about life going forward. He is someone I know has my back, always.

What don’t people know about him that we need to know?
Alex is reserved, polished and would like to reciprocate. He likes it when someone shows him courtesy. If you just picked up the phone to check on him; that would make him happy.
But then he also dislikes people who don’t say what they mean, and are not straight up.

They were supposed to be back on air, but there was a change but say that it’s possible in the future.
They believe they were privileged to have worked and trained with the best brands, and would love to share that with prospective others.
Christine is currently also in IT for business, and says she has passion for things that serve multiple people.
Alex thinks that it’s good if people feel that he should be in consultancy now.