Dora is right most of the time

Sunday February 09 2020

Dora (L) and Dorothy


How would you describe Dorothy?
Dorothy is my kindhearted, loving, hardworking and beautiful sister.
I usually define her as a lioness in sheep skin.

What is your earliest memory of her?
She always loved photos and looking good. I remember her posing in one of her favorite dresses that was pink with polka dots, and it captioned; … ‘Britter at the fence’

What is the craziest thing you did together?
We plan some crazy things coming up.

How often do you meet?
We meet almost everyday and are constantly communicating.

Were you always friends during your childhood?
Nope! We fought a lot as children, because we were so different. And interestingly it’s for the same reason that we grew up to be very close because we complement each other.


Why did you choose her to manage you?
Her desire to see me perform to my full potential. Dorothy has a way she lets me be true to my craft. I don’t know how she does it, but I think God placed this quality in her.

What nickname do you have for her?
I call her ‘Dorotia’ aka ‘Chinese Eyes’.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
Maybe to disturb our baby brother.

What does she like the most?
She loves talking over ice cream, everything chocolate and nice suprises. She loves order and is very prayerful.

What does she hate the most?

What do you like about her?
She is very kind and loves without holding anything back. She is also a builder, and when part of something she always takes it to the next level. I enjoy listening to her sing too. She will start a song in her own key, and there is nothing like it… priceless!

What nags you about her?
She tends to be right most of the time, even when I don’t want to hear it.


How would you describe Sandra?
Sandra is a jolly and energetic person, and a go-getter. She cares a lot but is not good at expressing it.

What is your earliest memory of her?
She had a set of small tea cups that she would always set on a smaller table we had at home. She would prepare tea for everyone.

What is the craziest thing you have done together?
Have we done any crazy things together? Trying to remember. I don’t think so. We should this year.

How often do you meet?
We meet often, as we work together and also for family.

Why do you think she chose you to manage her?
I need to ask her. Though I made the first suggestion to her jokingly in the corridor at home. I told her: “by the way I should manage you.” And I remember during the Airtel Trace competition on one of the nights, I took her under one of the trees at Ndere Centre and asked her to sing for me the song she was going to perform that night. It was true colours. I did give her some directions on how perform the song, and it actually did magic that night.

What nickname did/do you have for her?
I call her ‘Sandy’.

How often did you fight?
Interesting question! For some reason we used to fight about small things.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
Nope! But we always have each other’s’ back when one is attacked.

What does she like the most?
She likes clarity of things being done.

What does she distaste the most?

What do you like about her?
She has a big caring heart, and is a go-getter.

And what nags you about her?
I shall not share it with the public.


• They are both dreamers and doers.
• They both enjoy listening to people share about their journey, and are always eager to listen and learn.
• To both of them, God comes first in their lives.
• They are committed to excellence, and say they’re on the road to changing the world.