Locked down but still grateful

Sunday May 10 2020

L-R: Deo Ssekakoni (Teacher), Kenneth Kimuli

L-R: Deo Ssekakoni (Teacher), Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo (comedian) and Paul Ocama (Marketing executive) 

By Christine Katende

When the country started the first phase of the lockdown, many were puzzled. Staying home as a routine was something they had never imagined, yet after going through it for weeks, some started appreciating it.
Of course, they admit the period has financial consequences, but has been beneficial to many. For instance, in urban areas, many confess that the lockdown has given them a chance to interact with their neighbours, know their names and what they do for a living.
On Easter, for the first time, many neighbourhoods that have in the past been strangers decided to have a joint meal and some have carried it on for Sunday lunches. Generally, besides confinement, there are things people are grateful for.

Immaculate Daisy Yossa,
It has been a great time to bond with my children; we play together and I have helped them with their school work. But there are those conversations we have been lucky to have about school, knowing their perspective about life, these moments are priceless. I have also done more house cleaning, I don’t think I ever gave it 100 percent during ordinary weekends.

Charles Ssali, Headteacher
For the first time in twenty years, I deactivated my alarm. I wake up at my own time and I’m more relaxed since I don’t have deadlines to meet. My family rarely sees me because I leave very early at 5:30 am and return at 7pm. This period gave me time to bond. Besides that I have been able to check on my other projects like poultry and banana plantation.

Paul Ocama, Marketing executive
My wife is expecting thus, I’m enjoying cooking and cleaning the house. I have also bonded with the other child of ours, from homeschooling to online lessons and of course playing. I have had more time to think about the future.

Sharon Bianca, interior designer
I have learnt a lot about my children during the lockdown. I could barely have time to know them better until the lockdown; I have been teaching them how to cook and playing football with them at home. But above it all, I have realized that I don’t necessarily need gym to work out.

Ronald Lotet, Environment officer
The lockdown was an opportunity to think about the future, putting together better strategies especially having revenue creating home based activities.


Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo, comedian
I have learned that there is more to life than running around to make ends meet. It was a reset button for humanity. I got to appreciate the house help’s value to the children. They are fond of each other and she has been teaching them domestic chores. Technology has simplified everything that I can save a lot by working from home. We lose time in traffic, fuel, plus wear and tear of the vehicles. I can plant two trees with one seed at home; work and enjoy the children’s company. They haven’t been affected by the closure of schools because they are on the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) home school curriculum. I’m also able to help guide them with their paces. Family bonding is a plus for me, I have had more time to relate with my wife and sons. I exercise longer than usual, enjoyed more devotion and Bible study time at the family altar. It gave me time to write my entertainment scripts and promote my social media platforms.

Deo Ssekakoni, Teacher
The quarantine and lockdown has given me an opportunity to spend more time with my children. I have had a chance to work with them on both school and domestic work which has helped me know them better. I have also learnt a valuable lesson about saving because at the moment, only those that saved are sailing through this smoothly.

Aidah Nyamwiza Wandabwa, Banking offer
I have always had a busy schedule that keeps me away from home. However, during the lockdown, I got to bond with my husband and our son. There is this one time after both public and private transport had been suspended, we walked to the supermarket to buy things for the house and later to the hospital to get our son’s medication. Simple things, but, we talked about various things we don’t usually talk about on an ordinary day. It was also special seeing my son start crawling, it was such a special moment I’m sure I would have missed if I was working.

Rebecca Fridah Ichimo, businesswoman
One of the biggest lessons was to value life; amidst all, family and health matter most. I took this time to realise who and what matters to me most that even when all this is done, I want to dedicate my life only to things that matter. The quarantine has also brought out my inner child, the other day I was playing dodge ball with the children.

Lawerence Onyango, Deputy Headteacher

As a father, this period has reminded me of my role as the head of the family, especially spiritual growth. I have become a better father, teacher and spiritual leader. I have learnt creative ways of keeping the children active without being stuck on the TV.

Richard Mugisha, artiste
The period has given me a chance to watch my health but above it all, value and appreciate the culture of saving. I have used this time to write new music and bond with my family and friends. I also got more time to read and workout in the comfort of my home.

Bonding in the lockdown
Covid-19 lockdowns have come with a lot of uncertainities; will normal life ever return, will people still have their jobs, if the virus will ever be managed.
The lockdowns are said to have led to an increase in domestic violence across the world.
Yet on the positive, many families have used the time to bond.
Some have been able to be the fathers and mothers they never get a chance to be because of schedules.
Seeing their children take on important life steps such as walking or crawling .