Besigye charged with inciting violence, bailed out

Dr Kizza Besigye being  lifted to  a Police  Double Cabin Pick up after being arrested by Police in 2011.

Forum for Democratic Change Party President Dr. Kizza Besigye is taken to court and charged with inciting violence and failure to comply with lawful orders.

The opposition leader has, however, been released on non-cash bail of Shs. 10 million. Dr. Besigye was charged on Monday by a court in Kasangati, where he resides.

Police forcibly arrested Dr Besigye earlier in the day as he attempted to trek several kilometers from his home, across the city centre, to FDC party headquarters in Najjanakumbi on Day 1 of opposition parties’ demonstration against the rising living costs in the country.

In court, magistrate Mawanda Jumire, says he granted Dr Besigye bail owing to his good conduct in previous cases. FDC party Secretary General Alice Alaso, Wycliff Bakandonda, the party administrator and Ms Judith Kabanda, the FDC chairperson in Wakiso District, stood surety

Dr Besigye was arraigned after nearly six hours detention.