WALK TO WORK CAMPAIGN: Ugandan Military Police closes in on Besigye

Several people seated in a huddle after being stopped and detained by the Anti riot Police in Bwaise. Photo by Yusuf Muziransa

Ugandan Army soldiers are charging on a crowd of Dr Besigye and his supporters shortly after police deployed at Kasangati let them walk.

"The military is walking towards us vigorously, Besigye supporters are behind us. I don't know whether the Red caps (military police) have a different instruction from the police that allowed us to proceed. I don't know how it is going to all end," says our reporter John Njoroge by telephone.

There are many Uganda Red Cross Society ambulances behind the military line. The crowd is approaching the Wampewo-Mailo junction, some 2 kilometres from Kasangati, where police depolyed at Lutete trading centre appear to have given up on the running battles with youth that has barricaded about 200-metre stretch of the road.