How Shs45t National Budget will be shared

The government has projected to spend up to Shs45.5 trillion in the Financial Year 2020/2021, indicating a rise of about 12.3 per cent compared to the previous year.

External debt repayment is projected to take up to Shs1.2 trillion, while domestic refinancing is to eat up 7.5 trillion while Shs40b will be directed to domestic arrears.

The 2020/2021 Budget will kick start the Third National Development Plan (NDP III) with critical focus on “Industrialisation for Job Creation and Shared Prosperity.”

The theme is to enhance capacity for import substitution, spur local industrial growth with emphasis on agro-industrialisation, which according to the Minister of State for Planning, Mr David Bahati, “will turn Uganda from a net importer to a net exporter of processed agricultural products and others.”

Mr Bahati said government has earmarked Shs2.8 trillion to finance interventions, including improvement of yields and productivity through use of modern inputs, supporting area-based commodity value chains, speeding up titling process and strengthening physical planning for production land.

Others are expanding the agricultural insurance, improving post-harvest handling and primary processing through provision of rural infrastructure, including storage infrastructure and increasing access to long-term finance.

The Ministry of Works and Transport will retain a lion’s share of Shs5.8 trillion followed by Security with Shs4.5 trillion while interest payment comes third with Shs4 trillion.

Others are Education (Shs3.5 trillion), Health (Shs2.8 trillion), Energy (Shs2.6 trillion) and Accountability Sector (Shs2.1 trillion) Justice, Law, and Order Sector (Shs2 trillion), Local Government (Shs1.7 trillion), Water and Environment (Shs1.6 trillion), Agriculture (Shs1.3 trillion), Public Administration (Shs1.3 trillion) while Parliament will take Shs667.8 billion.

Government also plans to spend Shs662.5 billion on Public Sector Management, Shs264.5b on Science and Technology, Shs200b on Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Shs193.6b on Tourism, Shs172.2b on Social Development, Shs171.8b on Trade and Industry while Information and Communications Technology will take the smallest portion with Shs162.9b.


12.85% -Works & Transport
8.98%-Interest Payment
5.72%-Energy & Mineral Devt
4.63%-Accountability Sector
4.45%-Justice, Law & Order Sector
3.85%-Local Government
3.70%-Water & Environment
2.91%-Public Administration
1.48%-Public Sector Management
0.58%-Science, Tech & Innovation
0.44%-Land, Housing & Urban Devt
0.38%-Social Development
0.38%-Trade & Industry