Minister Muyingo worried about defiance culture in schools

Dr John Crysestom Muyingo

Sheema-Dr John C. Muyingo, the state minister for higher education is worried about the rising culture of defiance in schools and other institutions of higher learning saying such behaviour is likely to plunge Uganda into trouble and moral decadence.

“There is a culture which is coming up.  This is the culture of resistance and defiance. The other day primary school children of

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were resisting lawful orders. These kids didn’t know what they were doing but they had been coached by teachers who have gone through such institutions,” he said.

Dr Muyingo added: “One of our universities [Makerere University] is now closed.  We closed it because it had become unmanageable. This should never happen here and we are all responsible. I know universities have challenges but there are solutions and we are part of the solution. Just be part of the solution and these challenges will be no more”.

The minister was on Friday speaking at Ankole Western University during the fifth graduation ceremony in Sheema District.

 “The absence of dialogue has resulted into several disagreements and lack of consensus in educational institutions leading to strikes. In whatever we do, let’s try to build and promote the culture of listening to each other to promote peace,” he said.

 Mr Muyingo said some countries have developed not only because of their good education but by emphasising dialogue, discipline and dedication.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who is the chancellor of the university said education is a great tool that can be used in fighting ignorance and promoting growth.

He asked the 555 graduates to use education to change their homes, villages and the country adding that people should not listen to those who say that education is expensive.