Age limit: Butembe residents stone MP Lufafa’s vehicle

Lufafa's car that was stoned by Mafubira Sub County residents. Photo by Andrew Katabulawo


Butembe County Member of Parliament Nelson Lufafa’s vehicle was stoned by unknown Mafubira Sub County residents where he had gone to consult people about the age limit Bill. The MP was seen at Jinja Police Station reporting the case at around 2pm.

Residents in Butembe, a constituency in Jinja District opposed the Constitution amendment and removal of presidential age limit which is seen as a move to allow President Museveni extends his rule. 

Speaking during the age limit consultation meeting organized by  Mr Lufafa at Mafubira Primary School on, a group of youth with red ribbons around their heads stormed the meeting singing the Uganda national anthem and disrupted the meeting. 

Mr Zaidi Bazib, one of the residents said its time for President Museveni and his team to leave Uganda’s leadership because they are not looking at issues affecting Ugandans. 

Kagonda Yusuf, told reporters that  Lufafa has been giving Shs10,000  and ferrying people from different parts of the constituency to attend the consultative meeting. Kagonda said their MP has not done anything to help his people out of poverty but rather help government keep power. 

However, Lufafa, said the NRM government has achieved a lot in the area of infrastructure, healthcare among others.

Recently, four time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye while addressing a rally at Kazimingi in Jinja told residents to oppose age limit removal.